Donor [WIP - CHAPTER 8 (part 1) COMPLETE, MINOR UPDATE 08.04.2018]



Ooooooooooh, thank you.


No, no. Not too dark. But it’s still dark and I love it.

In my opinion I think it’s actually good. The fact that it’s supposed to be a happy ending makes it unique.

Perhaps not that happy, but it’s the best ending the MC can get? Still livin’ for that dark twist though.

Living for the drama :ok_hand:

It’s different from the other happy endings, and that’s why I find it unique.

The epilogue mentioned that Samantha went to a pre-school, so she’s not homeschooled. Wouldn’t she accidentally slip something about her twisted vampire family that might arise suspicion?


@Fay Great questions :slight_smile:

Is this is the happiest ending the MC can get?

It’s my goal to make all of the endings a little dark, but the “happiest” one I’m planning so far is for “BFFs” (where Paul grants the MC her freedom).

The darkest “happy” ending will be the one where the MC becomes a vampire, for obvious reasons. And I’m kinda struggling with it right now TBH because I’ve got no idea how dark to go… As a rule of thumb, I like to keep violence “offscreen.”

Regarding the school question:

I agree homeschool would be more realistic for Samantha, and it’s something I actually considered. But in the end, I couldn’t do it to her. Rich/Paul would never hurt a kid, and that includes robbing a child of a normal life. Is that little cheesy? Sure. Does it make them less fun/dangerous? Possibly.

But kids/animals are kinda where I draw the line when it comes to horror. So Samantha has a totally normal life and is a completely happy little girl. And (as I said earlier) when the vamps get nervous that she’ll spill the beans, they’ll respectfully let her and her mother go.

Hope I haven’t ruined the vibe for anyone; I’m just not down with certain things even in horror stories…


Dude I can’t wait to become a vampire. And oh my god you did not just with your profile pic


:vampire: I’ve got you covered. Let me know if there’s anything in particular you’d like to see in that ending.

Hell yeah I did. Isn’t he glorious?


Do you need to have a good relationship with both Paul AND Rich to be considerated their family/respected?

Because my gameplay of Donor in a nutshell is this:

My Lenore: [Does something]


My Lenore:


I would think that this epilogue takes place so far into the future that Richard and the MC have resolved their differences.

Your character might not fare as well in other epilogues, however. In at least one, if her relationship with Richard is bad enough, she’ll be missing an eye…


Huh. It seems like my Lenore is ready to go on an eyepatch-shopping-spree…


Yeah, you’re gonna want to avoid endings #2 and #3 :grimacing:


You have me so hyped with this book, you have no idea. It still surprises me at times that is not way more popular. I can say without doubt that this game is one of the cog games I am enjoying the most.


Aw thank you :blush: This story certainly isn’t for everyone, but I’m so glad you’re enjoying it!


i just read donor and am now trying to get my hands on bite.

how successful can lenore and samantha be with paul and richard long-term ? It seems like they are predators first, no matter how they may feel about you. I feel like there is a lot of room for horrible things to happen. Like when a lion kills its handler. It may have had a great relationship with its trainer, but at the end of the day a lion is a predator and things happen.


Thanks so much for checking out the novel! :heart: The second book isn’t nearly as good IMHO, but I promise to make it available as soon as I’m finished with the CoG. If you really want a copy before then, PM me your email address and I’ll send it to you.

As for your other question…

I’m a sucker for happy endings (especially if it involves a child/animal…) so I would like to think the vamps eventually set Mommy and Samantha free. And that everyone lives happily ever after. There’s gotta be at least one universe where that happens… Right?

With that said, Paul/Rich are predators first, which is why the MC is such a nervous wreck in the epilogue. She knows it’s risky leaving her daughter with Richard, even though he’d never intentionally hurt her. :fearful:


So THAT’S where the epilogue’s were. I was in the achievements page trying to click them. :zipper_mouth_face:

They're all great so far but number 5...

"But Samantha didn't answer because that's when she spotted Uncle Rich coming down the hallway. And he was even sillier than Uncle Paul. And he looked just like Prince Charming. And she was going to marry him someday."

Am I going to have to fight a child? My OWN child?! Because I will. On a serious note, I love how scary that ending leaves things off compared to @Elena_H’s own thoughts on how it eventually plays out. Because compared to what’s written in the epilogue your thoughts are more happy-ever-after, haha. It’s cute, I’m a sucker for happy endings myself.

And @Elena_H the new avi is killing me.

When it's time to feed Rich:


I’m thinking of adding a footnote to that ending; it’s clear now that I didn’t quite hit the tone I was going for :worried:



This game is…interesting. It’s a horror CoG,which is a rare genre for them and makes it eyecatching. the claustrophobic,tense feel I get from this reminds me a lot of another WIP called ‘Monsters’(which might dead since I haven’t seen the author update in a while.