@Phoenix_Wolf, I’ll take that as a challenge :wink:


Good luck because I’m very good at reading people. All those years of being an introvert and people watching are finally coming into play.


I mean I COULD give you all my answers but that’ll take the fun out of it.


@leo Lol it is kinda like a friendship simulator… just with waaay higher stakes.


Do people (like the ones in the club) know that vampires need to feed on human blood constantly to survive? And that they actually kill a lot of people?
Being a vampire seems pretty cool but I wouldn’t really want to be some mass murderer to get food and it seems too troublesome in general to go search every few days.
Also how long do vampires live?


I already have the correct answers…?


Ooooh good question.

I’ll give you my take as the author, but as the reader you are certainly free to draw your own conclusions.

  1. The patrons of the vampire clubs (with the exception of a select few) have no idea that “real” vampires are actually there. And those who are aware that vampires exist would almost certainly know how dangerous they are - either that, or they wouldn’t be around for very long :wink:
  2. My personal take on the killing question is that it’s a natural instinct for vampires that’s nearly impossible to turn off. Vampires, like almost all predators in nature, want to eat something that’s alive and preferably squirming around. That’s why you have to feed live prey to pet snakes, lizards, etc.
  3. In the Donor universe, Vampires live “forever” - either that or they age super slowly. They aren’t supposed to be “magical,” however, if that makes sense.

The downsides to be a vampire (in my book):

  • They’re asexual - their only carnal drive is to kill.
  • The process of “turning” someone into a vampire is extremely risky and almost always kills the person you’re trying to turn. So you might live forever, but you couldn’t bring your friends and family along for the ride…
  • Extreme silver allergy
  • And - like you mentioned - it would be extremely difficult to find a steady food supply.

Again, this is just how I’ve framed vampires in the Donor universe. IMHO there’s no right or wrong when it comes to vampire fiction. :smiley:


Looked at the drawbacks and all I have to say is … worth it.


Lol I agree (and so would Richard and Paul :stuck_out_tongue: )


I was teasing, but I’ll stop this now before it becomes a big understanding.


How common are vampires? Would you be able to meet more of them?
I mean if Paul and Richard are turned then some other vampire turned them obviously, maybe you can meet them? Maybe even 1 of them will be more friendly and help you escape. And about the silver, if you stab them with the silver knife what would happen to them? And would they get injured if you shot them with a normal gun?


Vampires are extremely uncommon because turning has such a low survival rate.

Your character won’t meet another vampire in this story (not totally true, actually). Although if she did, I doubt they’d be inclined to help her. Even those vamps who like to avoid killing humans certainly wouldn’t interfere with another vamp’s personal decision on the matter (kinda like being a vegetarian and watching your friend eat a cheeseburger).

With that said, although she never meets him, Rich and Paul’s attorney is almost certainly a fellow vampire.

That’s an interesting question - it would probably depend a great deal on where you stabbed them. I’d have to imagine if you managed to get them in the brain stem (much like a zombie), they wouldn’t be able to recover. Chopping off the head, completely removing the heart… those would also be fatal.

They’d be injured, but rapidly recover. A single bullet probably wouldn’t even do enough damage to slow them down.

Thanks for the awesome questions! Hope these answers are helpful :smiley:


Hmm I find it highly unlikely you’d be able to chop Richard/Paul head or take their heart or something before they’d disarm you, break your arm and make you their dinner though.
Even if you tried to attack them when they sleep they’d have good hearing and notice you.
By the way are there other supernatural creatures in your world like werewolves?


Heh no the MC certainly won’t have the option of chopping off their heads or removing their hearts. She’ll have to be a little more crafty than that :wink:

No other supernatural creatures. My goal was to make the story as “real?” as possible - so vampirism in the Donor universe is caused by a virus. And even if some of the healing/speed/strength powers seem far fetched, I feel they could have some scientific explanation that wouldn’t have me rolling my eyes (if that makes sense). Werewolves, on the other hand, I don’t feel I’d be able to explain.

PS - As a fan of horror, I do enjoy werewolf movies/fiction. I just don’t think I’d be able to write them.


Mb, I think I misread it.


If turning has a low rate, then why would Charles want to be a vampire? Does he know of the turning rate? Or does he want to be turned when he is older or dying?


@Victoriya - I probably should’ve put that in spoiler tags earlier. Charles doesn’t know, and - depending on your decisions - it’ll turn into a HUGE plot point.


I’ve replayed this wip ever since chapter 2 was released, but have never gotten around to posting feedback. Sorry.

I really, really love this story though! There’s a reason why I keep on re-checking for updates. The whole survival concept feels so real and immersive. Every little decision stresses me out and even the order with which I choose certain decisions are carefully considered (for example: upon waking up on chapter 2 from your xanax/shock/ etc. induced collapse, you’re given the chance to visit certain places around the house while Richard is away. I chose to snoop on the most riskiest places first like the laundry room door or the front door in order to supposedly give myself more time to do…things. I always made sure to end at the dinning room or kitchen where I would least likely arouse suspicion. Although i did find out in the end that the order doesn’t really matter and Richard would still know if you did something or went somewhere, it just added to the whole desperate struggle to gain some sort of leverage.)

Also, characters have been really well-written. Paul seems to be a very complex individual who i don’t know if I should befriend or kill at the earliest possible time. Richard seems to be a bit more bland and predictable…and in that way, less dangerous? As for Charles, I don’t really know if I’ll end up liking him. It’s kinda hard to sympathise with someone who knowingly leads people to their deaths. The MC (at least depending on the choices) is also very refreshing. I totally love playing her as this nonchalent, but still seemingly compliant prisoner with a strong moral compass, although I might try for killing Paul and Richard just because. >:(

As for questions, will there be any possibility of the MC being turned into a vampire? Also, if vampirism in the donor universe is a virus…will there be any chances for the MC to do some research about the possibilities of a cure or at least a temporary suppressant? Idk, I think i’m getting way too far ahead. That’s just how good your story is!

I can’t wait for chapter 5 and from now on, I’ll try and contribute helpful feedback whenever I can. Thank you for making this game and good luck!


@Fartlin Thank you soooo much for your feedback! Paul’s a bit of a love/hate relationship for me as well. He’s definitely the hardest to write.

To answer your questions:

  • Of course there’s an ending where the MC becomes a vampire!

  • The MC is unfortunately not in a position to cure or suppress the disease, although that would be a cool idea for an future story…

  • As far as Charles is concerned, you may never grow to like him, but - depending on your decisions - you may come away from the story with a lot more understanding about his motives.

Thanks again for the amazing response! You totally made my day :smiley:


Why do Paul/Richard not turn the MC or other people into vampires instead of killing them? Having them as vampires would give them the benefit of others who can share food with them and if the turning is unsuccessful you could just feed on them anyway.