Oh welp, I told him to man up and go to the club. I feel lucky now :laughing:


Loved the update. Admit that I tried to go along with Paul’s plan because I’m a gigantic weenie who didn’t want to lose my friend (my “FRIEND”, thanks for eating me Paul :rage: I really should have seen that coming) Really happy to see Paul be “the mean one” in a more overt way, it’s giving a good shifting dynamic.


@Meira_Litch You are lucky to have gotten through that conversation without dying. When Richard asks why he should feed at the club, every option other than “Please don’t kill me” comes with a status check - and if you fail, it’s a one way trip to the laundry room. Glad you didn’t have to visit it just yet :smiley:


@leo Haha Paul’s definitely got a mean streak, but I think (I hope) it’s one of the things that makes his character more interesting. Sorry if he ate you! :stuck_out_tongue:


He only did it when I really messed up the club scene. I need to commit! (Or just hope those stats are high enough to appease Rich) :confounded:


Huh, I guess I’ve maintained a perfect equilibrium of being compliant enough to Richard yet sassy enough to keep Paul interested. Like I haven’t even died ONCE.


I also didn’t die, I had good relationship with both of them and was also seen as a model prisoner cause I didn’t resist much while being near them (you can’t really escape anyway, your best chance is to get help from Paul)
I even managed to get more than 60% in both Intelligence and Creativity somehow


Your silver dagger appears is gone as well.

to be

I didn’t die either even though I was almost always high and made snide remarks at Rich and even made Charlie play Dinner Theatre, fortunately Paul seems to be spellbound by my sassiness and since I’m achingly honest and smart it’s fairly easy to sniff out their lies too!


@Phoenix_Wolf @Frogs @AmericanShakespeare - Now you guys have me worried I’ve made the game too easy! I’m upping the stakes in the next chapter :stuck_out_tongue:

@Frogs - Sounds like Intelligence and Creativity are working out better as individual stats vs being an opposed pair. I’m still playing around with them, however. I like the idea that you can get them both up to 60, but I woudn’t players to be able to get them both up to 80, if that makes sense. More to come as I continue to tweak.

@AmericanShakespeare - that is a PHENOMENAL CATCH! I didn’t think anyone was even looking at Chapter 2 anymore! Thank you!!! :heart_eyes:


FYI - It sounds like you died when you tried to create a distraction. Creating a distraction has the biggest payoff (because if you’re successful, Paul will petition Richard to feed at the vampire clubs himself), but it also has the highest risk (because if the stat check isn’t successful, Paul will kill you when you get back to the basement).

My suggestion is to go back to before the universe split - hope that’s working? - and try a different escape plan.

Either that, or continue to flirt with the man at the bar - don’t worry, you’ll have a panic attack before you bring him home for dinner. I didn’t want to let the MC join the dark side just yet :wink:

When you get back to Rich, he’ll ask you why he should feed at the clubs. If you pick the “please don’t kill me option” he’ll always agree - even though that option comes with the least amount of payoff.


Yeah they felt really weird, I had to alternate between them to get both to 64. Also even if you do get both above 60 if you pick a choice that raise them they will become like 58-71 again so it’s really hard to keep them that way.
Maybe just make it that raising one stat won’t reduce the other but nerf it from +20% to +10-15% for balance.


@Frogs Hmm - I kinda like that you had to alternate between them, and that it was a challenge to keep them balanced.

With that said, no one likes an annoying challenge… I’ll play with it. To start, I think I’ll take your advice and change the +20% to something more reasonable. I’m still inclined to impose a penalty on the opposing stat, but I’ll go ahead and nerf that as well - maybe just -5% instead of -10%.

HUGE thanks for the detailed feedback!


The main reason it looked weird was cause creativity and intelligence are not really conflicting in reality.
Someone can be both intelligent/logical and creative. There were people who were both geniuses and extremely creative like Einstein, Da Vinci, Steve Jobs etc


Ah, I don’t know why the spoiler tag isn’t working but just an FYI that it isn’t D:

My first playthrough was flirting with the guy up until the panic attack, and then saying that Paul would miss me (I played this scene a couple of times and it seems like my stats are high enough for a few different options). My next one was the one with Paul eating me, because I tried the distraction lol.

I ended up playing quite a few different routes just because I liked seeing the new branching that the story is getting into. I don’t know what I’m going to settle with as my next step in my “main” playthrough but I guess that’s something to worry about later.


Totally agree with you on that - Intelligence and Creativity often (and usually) go hand in hand.

I think my concern is that by the end of the the game, the player will be a super creative genius and there won’t be any point to those stats at all. :confused: So I wanted to introduce stat penalties to make things more challenging, and this was the only compromise I could come up with.

I’m still noodling on it, though - thanks for bearing with me while I figure it out.



Sorry 'bout that! I should’ve confirmed the spoiler tag was working before I posted! :confounded:


There is a choice where it says Intelligence >= 70 in the game but you can choose it with 60 by the way.
It was the one where you told Paul you have nothing to lose by trying to escape since they’ll kill you anyway. I think it was in chapter 3


Fixed @Frogs! You are Amaaaazing! Thank you for pointing that out!

I’ll upload the correction tonight :smiley:


Oh god, I feel like I’m back in the classroom and I just reminded the teacher we had homework. But honestly, it could just be on my end. I find patterns in characters on games like this all the time and very easily, no matter the game. Just something I naturally picked up.


Dammit, I was hoping I could somehow turn this into a vampire friendship simulator through the power of good choices :frowning: