Hey @Numex - No romance options, unfortunately, but you can befriend Paul and ultimately get him to set you free. For this to happen, Paul needs to start seeing the MC as a person and not a thing.

Even though there’s no physical relationship, the game (if you choose to play it that way) is about making a connection. And - to me, anyway - that’s the essence of what all good romances should be :wink:


Not weird at all @leo - Dying will be fun!

So glad people are chiming in on Intelligence/Creativity. Consider those gone in the next release.

And you’re supposed to think of Paul as the good one, btw. He knows exactly what he’s doing with the MC - he’s been at this for quite a while now :wink:


I’m going to make dying fun! Lenore’s universe “splits” nine times (well, that’s what I’ve planned, anyway) throughout the story. After each death, you’ll have the option of seeing how things went down in a different universe. I’m even adding a “Universes Explored” metric to the stat screen.

Oooh, okay, so I guess I’m looking forward to see how Lenore can die as well LOL.

If you guys have any other ideas on how to better use the Xanax mechanic, btw, I’m totally open to suggestions. :smiley:

I think you could make it affect the sensory details. So if you’ve taken a certain # of pills, the various descriptions of the environment or whatever else (e.g. perception of time) can change.


Well he’s the one who saves Lenore from the Dinner Party, and judging on your other responses he may be the one who releases Lenore from the imprisonment altogether, but I’m wary of calling him good?

I don’t mean to argue against your opinion of him since you’re the one writing his intentions altogether, but he’s complicit in what’s happening to all of Richard’s victims and he’s still a murderer (and he still seemed to enjoy that girl’s suffering in chapter 4, and he still drinks from the murder victims despite being fed by the people at the club). So that makes me think that he’s just a murderer with an unusual amount of sympathy.


I love this idea! I’ll definitely incorporate it into future chapters, as well as revise the existing material. Thanks!


@leo You aren’t arguing at all! He’s is a killer with an unusual amount of sympathy. He’s also supposed to be extremely charismatic and manipulative, making him exceptionally dangerous to a person as lonely and frightened as the MC (well, depending on how you see things, anyway).

Paul’s a complicated character in that he truly sees himself as a “good guy.” His claim that he doesn’t kill people is obviously false; it’s just something he likes to believe. If you get on his good side, he’ll genuinely try to help you, but that’ll be on his terms - not yours.

I guess I didn’t really clear anything up there… :confused: I’ll let you draw your own conclusions :smiley:


I like that it’s allowing for some level of interpretation. I mean in the scope of what we know so far (and how well we know the other two) he’s probably the best of the bunch? I say probably since we haven’t gotten too far into seeing how his manipulation plays out, but he’s done more for Lenore than either of the others have (although that’s still questionable since his motivations are skewed and does it really matter if you massage a cow before you slaughter it?)

But anyway I’m looking forward to seeing more of what he and the others do :0


Well about the creativity / intelligence instead of it being two opposing stats how about making them separate ones? I like playing a creative Lenore but apparently the options I like are the intelligence ones lol and I end up with an 50/50 ratio

Maybe even add a 3rd one to make it even? One that has to do with stealth like picking lockpicks, hiding things etc?

Also there are alot of wips here that have a linear story and the players are given a ton of option to complete a story however they want and that’s a good thing!


@cookiemonsta originally I had Intelligence and Creativity as separate stats that you could build over time. And now that I’ve heard from everyone, I’ll definitely be splitting them back up.

I would like Intelligence/Creativity to affect things like lockpicking, etc, but I’m still working out how to blend them into the story without limiting the player. Gotta noodle on it a bit :confused:

Again, though, if people have suggestions, I’m all ears!


Oh not at all! I mean maybe normally I would be, but this story is so good there’s no way I’d leave it :slight_smile:


This game is so good. It almost makes me understand Stockholm syndrome.

Will the Lenore have any more conversations with Richard about gramophone records?


Thanks @Victoriya!

In the book, they don’t, but I’ve been reworking a lot of the dialogue as I go. I could probably add something in… :slight_smile:


Sorry, just noticed I forgot to reply.

Yes, you can kill all three of them in a single play-through if you do things correctly :slight_smile:


I was thinking of Richard commenting something if we ask 20 times then 40 then 60 etc. Until we reach 100 where the gives up or gets tired of his own game and maybe get an achievement or a small boost in stats or relationships


@cookiemonsta I really like this idea! Consider it done.


Just passing by to let you know that I haven’t forgotten about this WIP. I would hate for you to think people is not interested, because I well damn am!


@Meira_Litch Believe me, I haven’t forgotten either! I’m still hard at work on Chapter 5, but it contains branches that require a lot of new content, and an epilogue (yeah, I know I said you could die starting in Chapter 6, but I’ve moved it up a little). I’ve also been incorporating everyone’s feedback into the Intelligence/Creativity stats, as well as adding an easter egg in Chapter 4.

If all goes well, I should have something out this weekend. Thanks for your patience on this :smiley:, and thanks so much for your continued support!


Hey guys,

I decided to post what I have for Chapter 5 so far because it’s already > 10k words (due to the number of branches avail) and I feel it’s reached a good stopping point. I may actually just split it up into two chapters, but we’ll see.

Notable changes/tweaks.

  • I did add an easter egg to chapter 4, but I limited the number of tries in the game to 50 - essentially for my own sanity while testing. Paul will chime after 25 guesses to clue the reader in that something will indeed happen if they keep going. The benefit is an increase in your relationship with Paul - but I may bump another stat as a bonus, just not sure which it’ll be yet…
  • You can officially die now, and - as promised - go back to before the universe split. Definitely chime in if you manage to die and let me know if it’s working as intended. After you die, you’ll be taken to an epilogue. Each chapter will have at least one unique epilogue where you’ll learn something interesting about the other characters. There’s also a “Universes Explored” metric on the stat screen that will increment each time you die.
  • Creativity/Intelligence are no longer an opposed pair… well, not totally. Increasing you intelligence will result in a slight decrease in creativity, and vice versa, but I think it should be a lot easier to manage those stats without feeling forced into game decisions. For now I’m leaving the dialogue locks, but I’ve lowered the thresholds on those checks and hopefully addressed most of the complaints. Please let me know if the changes are an improvement.

Note, chapter 5 - as it stands - is fairly lopsided. For the longest play, I suggest you go hunting with Paul :stuck_out_tongue:


Having played this once when you first posted it and again just now, I really do absolutely love this game. MC is awesome and Paul/Richard/Charles are appropriately likable in that I enjoy interacting with them and reading them, but they make me anxious and fearful of making a mistake. Excellent work :slight_smile:

I, like a few other people, would love to romance Paul, but not necessarily in a happy ending way. More like a “I care about him and find him attractive but holy shit is that a terrible idea because he is a bad person” sorta way. So where it stands now is good :slight_smile: I really can’t wait to buy this full game


Aww thank you, @RedRoses!

I’m a bit partial to Paul myself. :wink: But you’re right, of course. Romancing him would be a terrible idea…

Don’t worry, though - there’s an ending where you can stay “friends.”

Thanks again for playing!