I just read it and I love the idea for this game!


@Gapaot Haha. I love your character! Yes, you’ll have the option to kill Charles, Richard, and Paul. Paul will be the hardest to achieve, but totally doable. :wink:

Thanks so much for reading!!!


@Victoriya thank you so much for reading! I really appreciate the support :heart_eyes:


As long as you open a beta thread, it meets the Hosted Games requirement. They know that feedback goes in cycles, so they will support you through both high and low feedback times.

Some authors run concurrent testing - both open and closed testing (ie. Community College Hero author, Eric Moser) and some will have an open test through the entire process (Choice of Rebels author Havenstone). They will not allow a pure closed test for Hosted games.

Re: Personal Feedback - I expressed what I saw as the biggest issue; you acknowledged that feedback and so I won’t belabor the point further out of respect.

I do feel the use of drug addiction as a mechanic system is limiting and can cause issues later but so far, you have kept it from going over the edge. So I do wish you included a sober path but I realize that is your prerogative as the author.


I’m absolutely reading it! It’s my favorite wip on CoG actually :slight_smile: I think maybe lack of response is because it’s so well written so people don’t really have things to complain about.


THANK YOU @Eiwynn! I was seriously worried about this.

As for the drug addiction mechanic, while it needs to be in the plot for now, players will have the option to “sober up” later on if they choose.

Huge thanks again for all of your help and responsiveness. I really do appreciate the support!


Thank you @Hope_Kibo, reading that absolutely made my day :blush:

So glad you’re sticking with the story! I was a little worried you were put off by the lack of romance. I’m thrilled you’re still here :smiley:


I agree with what some others have said. This game is very well written and just amazing. Completely different then anything else I’m watching right now. So I really hope this becomes a COG game. Again, as someone already mentioned, there are a lot of us who are just quietly watching to see how it goes because we really don’t have anything to complain about.
As someone who loves romance games. I get why you aren’t doing it. TBH it would be kind of Stockholm Syndrome-ish which really is never a good thing. So I can appreciate what you are trying to do here.


You said you were not going to make this a romance but will there be like sleeping around without strings or it just completely vanilla in that department🤣


@PhilosoTor Aww thank you! And thanks for understanding the romance decision. I definitely wanted the focus to be on outsmarting/manipulating your captors instead of romancing them. :slight_smile:


lol @Misa101 - No sleeping around, sorry. The MC’s not that kind of girl :wink:


Will there be any consequences if you take a lot of Xanax (like you’d get addicted more severely or something)?
Right now it seems like it only affects dialogue choices and even if you didn’t take much Lenore will later take more pills anyway.


Yup, that sounds like a plan. I think the Deception/Honesty stats worked more because you still got the option to lie to Richard even if you had high Honesty — and then obviously the effectiveness of that lie would depend on your stat levels. So they didn’t necessarily restrict the choices but allowed their effect to be shown in the consequences.

But I’ll make sure there’s a way to undo your last choice if you don’t want to end the game just yet (hope that’s okay?)

That’s more than okay :smiley: I look forward to not die on my first try but we’ll see how that goes.


Thanks for answer. I like unique spin in story, being damsel in distress and for most of the game totally underpowered and helpless. But, just to make sure, we’ll be able to kill Charles, Richard and Paul in the single playthrough, if we do things right, yes?


So far so good.
Gender locked story immersive as such is no concern for me.

I love our MC. The choices i’d want are all doable.

I don’t understand people asking for romance. Clearly there is one. Between Len’ and her pills.

Hoping to see more of you in the future, for this story but also, why not, others to come.


Are there going to be romance options? I like Paul quite a lot.


I love the game so far, and I love the honesty/deception and xanax mechanics. While I do like the idea of limiting dialogue options so you can’t always say or do the right thing, I agree that the creativity/intelligence thing can be a bit frustrating. At least as an opposed pair.

I kept unknowingly choosing things that heightened one stat and it made my Lenore have a very neutral disposition, which locked me out of several choices. I still like the idea of it giving opportunities to do cooler stuff, so maybe if it’s tweaked it can provide a gameplay aspect without locking people out?

About the characters- I don’t really have that much of an opinion on Richard or Charles yet because they have much less interaction than Paul at this point in the story. Paul manages to make me, as a player, act like I have Stockholm syndrome •-• Even though I know he’s dangerous and that he’s manipulating Lenore, I’m still catching myself thinking that he’s the “good one”. I think that speaks to how well you’ve developed him so far :smiley:

I’m also excited to see the story branch off so the stakes get higher. I’m also really glad you’re going to start adding in parts where Lenore can die. Is that weird?


@Frogs Your Xanax use will affect a major plot point later on in the story and ultimately determine the outcome of one of the endings.

Xanax also affects some of what you can do in Chapter 3. If you only take one pill, a couple of dialogue choices are closed off to you. I’m probably going to revise that, however, as I think it’s too harsh a penalty for making an arbitrary decision.

If you guys have any other ideas on how to better use the Xanax mechanic, btw, I’m totally open to suggestions. :smiley:


@stuck_in_bed I’m going to make dying fun! Lenore’s universe “splits” nine times (well, that’s what I’ve planned, anyway) throughout the story. After each death, you’ll have the option of seeing how things went down in a different universe. I’m even adding a “Universes Explored” metric to the stat screen.


Aww thanks @Antinomique!

I’m definitely hoping to write more IF after this. I love not having to tie my characters down to a single storyline. Sooooo much fun. :sunglasses: