Donor: A Vampire Victim's Tale [FINAL DRAFT COMPLETE. LAST UPDATE 08.22.2020]

Ahh I should have seen this coming! I was even thinking “Wait, did he actually died in that fire?” when Paul said he’s dead. Bloody liar.

kek. True.


I binge-read the book today and was perturbed that I was perturbed that Richard was apparently dead-dead. Now I’m relieved he’s not actually dead, and perturbed that I’m relieved. What have you done to me, author??

Regardless, it’s pretty hilarious to see such a terrifying figure fail so bad at dealing with Lenore. She’s managed to disintegrate half his face and has now burnt down his entire building. When will this crazed criminal finally stop bullying this poor innocent vampire!? :rofl: :joy: (/s ofc)


oMLLL this is so goooOod, I was avoiding this WIP last year because I thought it was too much for me.

It turns out, I was missing out on A LOT. I love all the happy endings, especially 1, 2, 3, and 6 (I’m a sucker for the vamps t-t)

Thank u for this masterpiece.


Don’t judge Paul too harshly. He has quite a lot to take care of at the end of the second novel and needs to keep things simple while he figures it all out. Not tremendously helpful if Lenore and Richard are going at each other while he attempts to deal with the fire department, relocate tenants, etc.

Lol I also have a soft spot for Rich, can’t imagine actually killing him for realz.

Ugh you’re far from the first person to say that. My guess is that I’m failing to convey the right tone in the game description. :sweat_smile:

Aww thank you for giving it a try! :heart: :hugs:


I’m more mad at myself not figuring out he’ll lie than anything, honestly. If I judge him for anything, it’s I keep thinking if he’ll just let them go earlier then a lot of trouble can be avoided. Both him and Rich, but Rich is at least more… consistent with how he acts? Paul’s “playing with his favourite pet” attitude and how he kept claiming he doesn’t play with his kills when he clearly does have rubbed me in the wrong way since Donor, and he didn’t change much in Bait.

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Finished Donor yesterday and my god, what a trip. I’ve never been more conflicted in my life and I mean that in a good way. Rich and Paul are genuinely cool and great characters but due the fact that you’re never off the table, so to speak, I was never truly comfortable with them. It’s absolutely fascinating.

In the end, I guess I sort of see them the way you would see a tame tiger - there’s just something so fundamentally different in their instincts that you can never really apply human morality to them, which is sort of expounded on in the vampire ending, when Lenore herself gets to experience those same instincts firsthand. You can’t convince a vampire to stop killing any more than you can train a lion or wild beast to stop hunting. They can’t even if they wanted to.


Thank you so much, @Kundiman. Your comment totally made my weekend!

YES. Of course it’s just my personal opinion, but without this element, Paul and Richard wouldn’t really be vampires - they’d just be two dudes with a weird (yet manageable) food allergy. :wink:


No, thank you for making this game! I loved the inclusion of the mini-games; they added an extra dimension of challenge.

That being said, since you mentioned that vampirism is caused by a virus, do you think it’s possible that there is some push from some sectors of the vampire community to search for a cure, or at least, a way to mitigate its more harmful effects while keeping the beneficial ones? I imagine Richard would be interested in any research on curing the impotency caused by vampirism, and Paul would be interested in research regarding the dampening of the killer instincts, for instance.

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:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

That’s a great question. The straightforward answer is yes, I do imagine that some members of the community are looking for a “cure.” But I doubt anyone would actually take it if one were made available–at least not for long. Despite Rich and Paul’s nostalgia for the good old days when they were able to interact with their fellow human beings without harming them, they both very much enjoy being vampires and I expect they’d find the effects of dampening their killing instincts tantamount to chemical castration.

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I just finished reading Bait and I just want to say, it inspired me to start writing again. I haven’t written a fanfiction in roughly four years and I was able to slam one down in a day after reading it. I loved Richard climbing up the gorilla tape rope like a reverse of the plot twist in Rapunzel, lmao. The forbidden tomato in the refrigerator made me ugly laugh at work. Will Sam ever find out he’s a dad? Would he care about being a dad as a vampire if he survives the turning? I’m kind of sad Lenore chose not to tell him, but I get that she didn’t want to worry him or to spook him. I also wonder now, does the vampire virus also render the afflicted person sterile? Can vampire Sam still help give Samantha a sibling, even if he can’t enjoy the process anymore? Also, Paul is the last person I’d expect to have Catholic guilt, lol.

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I wish I had words to tell you how much this post meant to me, but I just don’t think they exist. So please settle for a woefully inadequate thank you. :blush:

No pressure, but I would absolutely love to read your fanfic if you’re inclined to share…

That’s a tough question. I suppose in the unlikely scenario that Sam made it through the process of turning, Lenore (at least the novel version of Lenore) would feel obligated to tell him about her pregnancy (assuming she chose to keep the baby, that is). Would vampire-Sam care? Sure, to an extent, but given his age, the fact that the baby was unplanned, the fact that he’ll need to adjust to a new “lifestyle,” etc, etc, I can’t imagine he’d be very involved in the child’s life.

And that’s probably for the best. Sam would be a lot more prone to accidentally harming his new family than Rich or Paul, for instance, who’ve had far longer to master their predatory natures.

I’ve never really gone into the subject in my novels, but in my head the virus does render the person sterile. Here’s why: from an evolutionary standpoint, it isn’t in the interest of the virus that the host rears children or reproduces in the conventional sense. Doing so wastes valuable resources, resources that the virus would much prefer (if you’ll excuse the anthropomorphism) its host spent on hunting and finding equally suitable carriers.

Heh, writing about Paul’s Catholic guilt was just about my favorite part. :upside_down_face:


Whaaaaaa I love vampire plot shitss this is so awesome!!! Keep up the good work!!!~

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Thanks @SpanishBrEaD!!! :grin: