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I don’t live in the usa but I do know that “president” trump has been making a fuss about the amount of immigrants crossing the border to get into America illegally, and if you don’t already know he plans to build a wall and get Mexico to pay, cough never gonna happen.
I wanna know what some of you guys think on illegal immigrants crossing into the US.

    • Yes, it is illegal. However, it actually benefits the U.S. Plus, illegal immigrants are just people looking for an opportunity to better their lives.
    • It is ILLEGAL. Therefore, those who are okay with illegal immigration support CRIMINAL activity. Further, illegal immigrants take needed jobs.
    • I have no opinion whatsoever on the matter.
    • They’re not hurting anyone, so let them be.
    • They can come to to America, they just need to do it using a legal process, this keeps out criminals.
    • My opinion differs from these 5 choices (leave comment).

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Soooo, how ya feeling about that travel ban, oh you know, the one that bans a whole religion except for the islamic countries that have a ton of money…

  • We need to protect America first.
  • This foolishness need to end, the travel ban is ridiculous!
  • It would be ok if the travel ban was on all Islamic countries, but why wasn’t it placed on countries rich in oil like Saudi Arabia?
  • You cannot ban a whole damn religion from entering the U.S.A, they don’t only help our country but they are people too, and have a right to live here just like us.
  • It’s only a temporary ban, so it’s not that big of a deal.
  • My opinion is different (explain in comments).

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Ok, now how much do you think Donald trump has done for the black community? Because it’s something he prides himself in.

  • He hasn’t done diddly squat.
  • He has done more than most of our past presidents.
  • He has done somewhat enough for the black community.
  • My opinion differs (explain in comment section).

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Now ignore everyone else, and ignore the media, what do you truly believe?

  • Donald Trump is actually a good/great president.
  • He’s not great…but he’s decent.
  • He sucks.
  • He’s possibly the worst president there ever was.
  • My opinion differs

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If the election happened again and using imagination and ignoring the actual system the last three candidates were: Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Donald Trump- Who would you vote for? Don’t mind the stuff in brackets, it’s just their slogans.

  • Bernie Sanders (A Future To Believe In; Not me. Us. A Political Revolution Is Coming; Not For Sale; Enough Is Enough; Feel the Bern)
  • Hillary Clinton (I’m with her)
  • Donald Trump (Make America Great Again)
  • None of them

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