Does creating a variable in the second game of a series overwrite the variable from the first game?

I’m bug-hunting because dead characters from Season One appear in Season Two as alive. Now I just had a thought that one of the variables I use is (character name)_status to track if they are alive or dead. However, I still need to create the variable for Season Two. My question is this;

For example, let’s use the companion Austin. If he dies in Season One it sets austin_status to 0.

Now, in Season Two I have to create the same variable set as austin_status 1.

If a player uses a Season One save with austin_status as 0. Would the *create austin_status 1 overwrite that? Or is that overwritten by using the save file? I’ve always assumed any variables created in the second game get overwritten by the saved variables. but on the possible occasion I’m wrong I thought I’d check.


Overwritten by the save file.


Thanks Jason. That’s what I thought. Back to finding the cause of this bug.

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