Does anyone know any game apps, with a good storyline?


Like The Walking Dead, or The Wolf Among Us, a game with a story.

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I heared the is something called interactive fiction choose your own adventure game or something like that, i believe it’s called Choice of Games :stuck_out_tongue:


@P0RT3R no kidding im talking about something else tho, lol its cus im waiting for the new games to come out /:


I tried finding some too. I can’t find any other game.


I’ve found a ton of other gamebooks, but CoG is easily the best.


so true, but is cool


Not sure exactly what your looking for but there are plenty of games that have some good stories. Are you looking for something like what CoG has to offer? Or are you looking for pc games? I am going to make a recommendation but I am unsure if this will fit your preferences. Check out winter wolves games. They focus more on the story and even offer “visual novel” games. A bit pricey for my liking and, honestly, the games don’t really appeal to me much due to a heavy focus on romance.


The interactive fiction industry is not big enough. It would be great to have more game of that genre. With walking dead the game and wolve amongst us and others, im pretty sure that many more games of the genre will appear but its still a pain to wait for them to come out.


You could look into Tin Man Games’ gamebooks, though they feature dice rolling and such. So, partly luck based. I find them easier than the fighting fantasy books however, and they can have a decent story.

You might want to look into Inkle’s Sorcery too, then there’s an interactive version of Frankenstein, where you act as his conscience and picks choices. The story’s major beat, at least, are set in stone though. But I enjoy interacting with the narrative. It does include Mary Shelley’s version too.


If you’re into romance I would suggest Regency Love, it’s very Austen-esque.


A really fun game is out there it’s challenging but quit entertaining its a sci-if where you have to refuel your ship and find metels to fix your hull get oxygen it’s just really fun


You mean on the AppStore? Resident Evil Degeneration is actually very good. It may not have quite as good graphics as its AppStore sibling, RE4 - Mobile Edition, but at least they set it up like a real RE game. Besides, the graphics are way better than the original version of RE1 if I do say so my self.


You should really try “beyond 2 souls” , kind of like telltale game but a little better and longer. It’s made by the same people that made heavy rain but thank fully this time this is no nudity. So give it a try if you have not already

If your just looking for storyline also try “last of us” , has a good story but is kind of like a shooter


Regency Love is decent for a romance game. However, according to their website there are only three available routes due to lack of buyers, so there isn’t much paths. I did try both routes though and they are well written with a variety of personalities to play as, though they seem to only have an effect on the last paragraph of your ending.

Try visual novels. They’re kind of like gamebooks but with art and a prettier interface. There are more made by Lemmasoft members and Japanese companies on the PC–yes, there are a lot for eighteen and under–but there are a couple on the AppStore too. Kinetic novels, one without choices, that are okay and available in the AppStore are Jupiter’s Knot, Ripples and Dysfunctional Systems. Those with choices that are also decent are the Flowershop series and Cafe 0. I’ve only played all of those in the PC, though, so there may be some differences.


Beyond Two Souls is ok in my opinion, though despite the solid cast list - Ellen Page and William Defoe - it does suffer from shifting between periods of Jodie’s life rather suddenly, which for some people can be a little jarring, but it does mean there’s an air of mystery over other elements. Jodie is a person who craves acceptance yet because of her connections to Aiden rarely gets it. I found some chapters to be be really interesting and fun (The Date, Broken and Navaco to reference some chapter titles), others more of a slog to get through, and the genre is prone to shifting, though the nature of the story implies a horror element in many cases (for example there’s a very Outlast style section where you have to navigate a dark and malfunctioning lab which see you encounter something exceptionally creepy).

Personally I preferred Heavy Rain mainly because your decisions in Beyond don’t especially effect the overall story, except on occasion the fate of your friends and others. Heavy Rain has a large number of endings, all of which are very interesting, but Beyond’s all come to one conclusion and without spoiling things basically amount to a rather cliche ‘who do you love most’ idea. That said whilst the story is rather disappointing the cast is great and the music and visuals pretty amazing, so it’s worth checking out both Heavy Rain and Beyond if you get the chance.


I have a love/hate relationship with visual novels but my favorite is Cinders. You play as Cinderella. You can choose her personality,how she treats her stepsisters/mother, its also BEAUTIFUL. The art is amazing. I’m going to replay right now.


Cinders was recently greenlit on Steam. :slight_smile: Have only played the demo, but rather beautiful art and the writing seemed decent, if not good.


Compare Cog with visual novels is a insult for Cog lol.

Zero customitation
All choices are preset you cant change a comma
Bad quality
99% treat women and another sexual options like monsters or degenerates.
Are overpriced


@Marajade, that’s exactly my problem with visual novels.


You’re not wrong, but I think it’s unfair to say 99%.
There are some really good VNs out there.

I just recently played ‘Sepia Tears’ and ‘Rising Angels Reborn’ on the Google Play Store.
The former is admittedly more of a Kinetic Novel and only seems to have one ending (Though there might be two…). The latter has a female protagonist so I definitely don’t think it tends towards treating them like monsters or degenerates, and this one definitely has multiple endings.

Oh, and both of these are free :slight_smile: