Dodge Those Bullets Neo (Another short, addictive game by TIYF)

Ahh yes, boredom has come again. Well, this is it’s product. You play as Neo and your goal is to dodge the bullets simple enough. Post your best scores.

Got bored of this game pretty quick.
“You survived against 5 bullets.”

I think that’s the most stupid game i’ve ever played…
Had fun.


4 and no more

Of the two adjectives you chose, “short” certainly fits the bill.

50 losses in a row… Have mercy on my soul

6 bullets!

8 bullets, 12th try. Beat that, Talon. But how do you duck and jump?

You have to reach like 20 for jump and I think 40 for duck lol

I survived 0 bullets. :-((

5 bullets twice…And I keeped on moving to the left…Then I go You lose. You survived against 8 bullets. five tries from then

4… in my 15th attempt

6 bullets woohoo success ^^

Yay! Great for you!

Ok who has the highest one becouse I got 9 and I am wondering if anybody got higher

i dont think so

8 !!!


I lied