Do you value human life more than animal life?


animal 100% of the time i find humanity repulsive and evil


I value both life’s as equally as much(with me leaning more to animals because of what humans did to earth)but when its comes to the “if a car was coming who would you save?” Question I’ll say animals because with humans your risking your life but with animals you can quickly pick them up and run but despite that i’m willing to risk everything for my future son or daughter.


You’d have to be as bad as Caligula for me to just leave you like that. Though I would like to say I’d save my cat or dog over any random stranger, I had to picture the scene in my head and I honestly don’t think I can handle having the dead eyes of what was once a person stare back at me. Being dead only because I selfishly valued my own happiness more than theirs and many others. I feel like I’d be worse of knowing I had the opportunity to save this person but I didn’t. I let them die instead. I basically killed them. Somewhere there’s a family suffering from some sort of life long trauma or unrecoverable ruin or I don’t know - something shitty and i’ll feel like this is all on me. I’m pretty weak emotionally. This wouldn’t be a fun experience for me at all, it would probably push me over the edge. I’d rather feel a few years of sadness than a lifetime of regret.


The fact that we build societies and codes of morality specifically around ensuring that we treat the lives and well-being of complete strangers with some level of consideration would seem a compelling argument against that statement.

You continue to exist because a vast number of complete strangers have, at some level, considered your life and standard of living - or at least the concept of a complete stranger’s life and standard of living - to be worth protecting, with the understanding that you would do the same for them. That’s why civil engineers wear iron rings and food inspectors don’t fudge their paperwork.

I am very thankful to live in a society where complete strangers are able to accept that my life has some value, even if not directly to them, then to the society that sustains them, even though I don’t know them, even though they aren’t family. I know what the alternative is like. It isn’t pretty.