Do you think you have special powers?


Being able to sleep anywhere i want is my power.


Special powers? Not exactly. But…some part of my brain is unconsciously really good at predicting exactly what people will do.

Every now and then, I have dreams about conversations with people weeks or months before I ever actually have them and it’s almost a word for word transcript.

Not just like “My day was good” but weirdly and highly specific things that would almost never come up in normal conversation like “My favorite dinosaur is the triceratops.” or “I like yellow because it reminds me of my room from when I was a kid.”

I don’t believe it’s some kind of sixth sense or magic. I just think that if you get to know anyone long enough it becomes easy to know what they’re going to say and do.

I don’t typically dream often so I remember the ones I do have, and obviously I’ve had many dreams of things that are just insane and bizarre that don’t happen in real life. So I’m pretty sure there’s just a part of my brain that puts things together a lot better for me without me really realizing it.


So most people are good at “mind reading” just by default, because the face is really good at expressing what the mind is feeling. In fact, most of the time humans are more than 80% accurate on a first impression, unless I’ve mixed up my sources somehow.

Also we have ridiculous powers of touch. Like it’s kind of insane. What else do we have … endurance! I’m a sprinter and therefore a shame upon the human race but most people can outpace most animals through sheer force of will.


Meanwhile I’ve been compared to Skyrim npcs with my facial expressions.


Does the ability to eat food two years past it’s expiration date without even feeling nauseous count?

Or the ability to take in 4 times my recommend sugar and sodium intake without seriously affecting my blood sugar and sodium levels?

A fast acting immune system that lets me power their illnesses that last a week in other people in less than a day?

High temperature tolerance that makes hot or cold harder to feel without factors like direct sunlight or wind chill?

The ability to largely ignore foul odors?


I get deja vu a lot, like very frequently and then it gets worse like more vivid but it doesn’t really go anywhere and I don’t know what to do after. But its my weird ability.


I think most expiration dates are pretty padded- the food is in no way guaranteed to be bad past that date. And then there are some foods that basically just don’t go bad. They can store almost indefinitely without trouble, but the company has to have a date on there and they don’t want to get in trouble if someone gets sick (and if you just happen to throw away and repurchase perfectly good food, well…)


Nah. It was pudding, and two other people also ate it and were sick to there stomach.


I stand corrected, then. Pay no attention to the men in black behind you.


I seem to have extremely unusual luck when it comes to everyone else being affected (ie. all the babies except me being sick in the intensive ward, where I was the only one not sick), and I seem to recover from injuries a lot quicker than normal people. I also have a sharp sense of inituation (sp) where I can sense the right circumstances. I also might have some twin-telepathy when it comes to my twin brother.


I have the ability to make ducked up friends with violent thoughts. Does that count?



Lmao auto correct. Thats funny tho​:joy::joy::joy::joy:.


I probably have the best superpower. I eat a lot and still remain ripped despite only normal workout.i have no idea why but I friggin love it . All hail metabolism.


Hehe all hail heart conditions. Jk thats cool tho, wish i was fit.


I can genuinely read people’s palms. For real, If i look at your palm i could know if you like to waste or save money, if your life expectancy is going to be long or not, if lady luck is smiling upon you or down at you, and your successes in your career and personal romantic life.

All the females from my mother’s side can usually predict stuff too using our super strong and in tuned intuition and… “special” powers, i guess.

About a week ago i just told an internet friend of mine to watch out for his health after he sent me a picture of his palm. And then after i said that, he told me he actually has a number of problems with his liver ever since he was a kid and one of them is something called Hereditary Hemochromatosis. So, i said to him, “oh i didn’t know you had a liver problem. But as i said you gotta live a much more healthier lifestyle, eat right, don’t drink too much alcohol (cuz he’s a bartender too), and also get enough sleep if you can.” And after a few days, i think, he texted me saying that he’s in the hospital because he could literally feel his heart palpitate and beat out of sync so he told his roommate to take him to the hospital. I still haven’t gotten an answer from him as to what caused it.

Another example was, a language course friend of mine asked me what are his chances in finding “The One” special girl in his life while our whole class is having a “prediction session” with me, and i somehow got a “feeling” that his future wife would have something to do with his parents being heavily involved in it. And after i told him that, he instantly became speechless and just gaped at me and just said, “How tf did you know…?” and then another friend of mine asked him did he asked his parents to just look for someone for him? and the guy just answered “Yeah, i told my parents that they could pick whoever it is that they think would be a perfect match for me and whoever would make them happy and proud to have as an in-law.” Because to him, his parents and family are everything in his world and he doesn’t just want himself to be happy but also his family to approve her. But i guess it also have something to do with his regional culture and the fact that he’s a Muslim and his dad follows the Syariah Law down to a T. But i can respect that in a guy. Making his family’s happiness a number 1 priority.


Either I can predict when a game is about to crash or I have the power to force a crash whenever I think, ‘I haven’t saved in a while.’ Just happened to me again today, right after I was worried about having to repeat a bunch of content if it crashed. Sure enough, the screen seized up and the whole thing shut down. It is useful sometimes though, like I’ll get a really strong urge to save right before a crash. Otherwise I’m stuck relying on auto save. Maybe I just play too many buggy games, I developed an inability to leave or enter the police station in Deadly Premonition without saving because it was a crash hot spot.