Do you prefer to fight on the land or the sea in a game?



I was really wondering what do gamers mostly prefer in a game to fight on the land or the sea? So I was actually comparing a couple of games where you can have only one of the options or mixed. Firstly, I started playing a new MOBA game Wind of Luck, which I found very good because you can have dynamic ship battles, fighting with other pirates using cannons and carronades, it’s free to play. :slight_smile: I liked the most about it that all of your battles are on the sea and you can fight with other players!!! Then I looked at Assasin’s Creed: Pirates and it’s sort of a mixed style where your fight can be taken on the land and in addition it is a single play and has more game predictability in terms of it. So I thought it would be interesting to know your opinion and your preferences in these 2 games, guys! ;:wink:


it all depends on the game/type for video games Assassins Creed has a good mix of land & sea battles, Saints row 3 & 4 both have airial battles if you mean text adventures then check out Mecha ace, choice of broadsides & the Heroes Rise Trilogy


I see, thx for your opinion, I’m taking into my consideration. When it comes to games do you prefer then MOBA one or a single play one?


i like single player most but i have been known to p!$$ people off on Assassins Creed & GTA multiplayer & even though its been a while since i have played them i have a high level WoW, Runescape, SW:ToR, Adventure Quest & DCUO toons


Wow, seems you got proficient playing those different sorts of game both single play and MOBA :slight_smile: By the way, did you by chance play Wind of Luck? It would be interesting to know your opinion on this game too.