Do you like the sound of this?


I have been planning to use this concept for years, i want to write a series of story in which every member of a fictional family im planning gets their own part. So basically i will write one part on the mothers life and the fathers, then the kids will follow. I have no solid plans on this yet but i am going to start writing up on the personality of each member of the family first and then im gonna go from their. Advice and ideas will be hugely appreciated! I have no plot atm i will start one if enough people like this idea


What’s the plot, exactly?


@harveym66 PoV jumping isn’t all that strange, in fact some of my favorite stories (and some of my own) do it.You could do it several different ways, you could have it be the same events/time period from diffent PoVs, you could jump between them( Ex: Mom then Dad then back to Mom), or you could do separate stories.I can’t say much other than that though.


Are you planning a slice of life story? Are you planning for the actions of each character to take place at the exact same time, or for them to take over from eachother chronologically? Or to allow you to switch perspectives and having the switching characters as a gameplay mechanic? Or were you planning for it to be more a life-time thing, where you start as the mother until she meets the father, switch to him, then switch to the children as they grow of an appropriate age?


I do indeed like the sound of this, but only if it is done rightly. Personally, I think it would be best to put them at the same time so that when the characters meet, there can be some parts where you can play through the same scenes from different perspectives. When I read books and the same scene happens from two different viewpoints, I always enjoy the scene tremendously. There was one series in particular, Songs and Swords if any of you have read it, where the second and third books both happen at the same time, but the second follows the actions of a wizard and the third follows an elf maiden (who does not remain a maiden to the end of the book). One of the very beginning chapters in each of these books is nearly the exact same passage since they are written in third person, and I loved that concept!

Anyway, for example, you could have the conniving son plot to poison the local innkeeper and ask the ditsy sister for assistance in the endeavor, and then you could have the same scene happen from both perspectives in their respective storylines while at the same time the outwardly elegant but privately stressed-out mother obsessed with public image feels as though the children are about to do something that could ruin their family reputation and struggles to decide whether to ask the naive father who thinks both children are noble and chivalrous and perfect in every way to help her uncover their plot or to ask the same of the eccentric and often misunderstood homeless wizard in the alleyway.

That was just something that popped into mind for this plot since you said you currently have no idea for the plot.