Do you know this game?


I loved this game and now i forgot its name so if u know it i’ll be realy gratefull.
U start the game as some black guy in a party and have to pick someone for a job(a man ).after u chose him u’ll play as him and go to the other room to pick your girlfriend.after u chose her u have to choose names for both of u .u will return to black guy talk to him and a couple of years will pass.i don’t remember much from here i just know u had to reaturn to your girl friend (u broke up ) cause she’s getting married and u want to stop her cause u still love her. I beg u if u know this game tell me its name.i’m sure it had a monster in it.HELP ME !!!:cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:


Mm. Always Sometimes Monsters?


Oh god it’s right.thank u.i can’t belive i found it.again thank u i dunno how to express my gratitude (what does that even mean ?)u made my life a lot better


sorry to jump in on your thread but i also have played a game not to long ago and i don’t remember the name of it & i am unable to find it again any help would be great thanks.

you are a thief & you start off picking one of 4 roles crowd control,safe cracker, Driver, or the speaker, your first gig is to rob this small bank afterwards you are arrested and broken out of jail and recruited by a group that wears suits with blue ties.



thank you so much @Quaintrelle this s what i was looking for


You are a life savor