Do you have some realistic full games for free?

Either native or hosted. By realistic I mean as close to reality as possible. Without fictitious characters like ogres, elves trolls aliens werewolves etc. Preferably without magic.
I’ve played Blood money and Affairs of court. They were overally good but it was very frustrating when they end after 2nd/3rd chapter. Of course, I agree you should make profit from your work. But I’m unemployed and even if I could afford it I’m not the kind of person to whip out a credit card for an online transaction (however small) on a whim. I’m hardly the only such person out there. Maybe you should look for another means of income like selling advertising space or corporate sponsorship if possible. Or if none of these work - what about the Patreon model at least? Upload work in progress and updates (i.e. new chapters) are initially availabe only paid, with the next update the old one is released for free… That’s just ideas, of course, I’m not trying to tell you what to do.
Anyway, if you already have some free full games of the kind specified I’d appreciate it.

Why only full? That filter literally brings down my list of candidates to a zero.
If you look for WiPs of the same settings, you’ll find plenty and you can help the author make it a full game with feedback.

That’s not how our company or business model works. Period. You can find endless threads on the forum about why that is so.

If you’re interested in playing our games for free, you can sign up to be a beta tester.