Do a thing for my friend's college class! ... please?


Hello all! A friend of mine has a collegeassignment tied to this survey about rhythm games, and she’s apparently short by a large amount of entries because her classmates decided not to do their work and spread the link.

Now that I’ve put that out there, anyone have a favorite rhythm game? I’m partial to Rayark’s two titles, Deemo and VOEZ, as well as the perennial DDR series.


Wohooo survey. I love’em :grin: :grin: :heart_eyes:


Done and done! Though i only played deemo, Cytus and Osu. Lol


Does that Jungle Book game for the playstation 2 count as a rhythm game? 'Cause that’s the only one I ever fully played…

I did play that youtube rhythm game (bless that one!) and the Project Mirai DX demo on the 3DS, but not for very long. I liked the first one since you can pick your own songs. Project Mirai is cool too, but it has too many distractions.


Uta no Prince Shining Live, Project Diva Extend and I’ve only played one DDR but I loved it, it used to be in a Chuck E Cheese I went to but stopped going years ago since they got rid of it :frowning: . Would like to play Idolish too but it’s in Japanese


Patapon was the best rhythm game for me


I think my avatar speaks for itself; Sairai is my favourite song from Deemo! Hua Sui Yue is a close second.

I know the survey limits itself to mobile, but I also love Rhythm Heaven and Taiko too!


Done, though I admit I am not the biggest rhythm junkie.


Done! I hope this helps your friend. :slight_smile:


I just want to say thank you to everyone. She was absolutely bowled over by the response, and it pretty much ensured she’d get an A.


Tell her great job from us!


Deemo! I especially love Yoake no Uta sung by queen Dazbee with the voice of a godess, and Pure White which had me crying for weeks because the feels ugh