DnD gaming online


Does anyone know a good place to try and start a DnD camping online?


Roll20 and r/lfg (on Reddit) offer some excellent ways to find good groups. Just let the potential GM know you are new to it, if you are.


Hey thanks for the quick reply I’ll check them out in a bit. :grin:




Well I made a roll20 and it seems pretty simple to use. Gonna see if I can find a group that needs a wizard.:joy::joy:


I know Divinity Original Sin 2 has DnD features, don’t know how in-depth it is but I’ve read many reviews praising its use to run a DnD campaign, pretty sure you can create your maps, stories, levels, not too sure about creating enemies or they give you a template and figures to use, you can create your character though and mods help a ton.


Try checking out YT videos on D:OS 2 Game Master mode. I watched a vid that’s run by Alex-somewho that I can’t remember his name, and it looks quite fun.

As the GM (or dungeon master), you’re given a template of the game’s creature models and you can alter the world to its smallest little bits in real-time.

Don’t know about mods, tho :man_shrugging:t4:


Don’t see why they wouldnt allow it, they basically give GMs access to all of their assets, plus I have a mod that mentioned that it can be used for GM mode so I figured mods can be put in :roll_eyes:. I think it was the Expanded Character Creation mod, not too sure…I have a lot of mods… :neutral_face:


I played for years on the Giant in the Playground forums (it’s for the D&D webcomic Order of the Stick, which anyone unfamiliar with should definitely check out). Huge play by post community, millions of posts. A warning: player and DM drop rates are high online. I recommend joining multiple games in order to make sure you have one or two that make it out of the starting gate. Fortunately there’s dozens starting at any particular time.


Well if all of you are open to we could start a campaign somewhere.


I usually comment on DnD requests and say I’ll play because I loved the little crappy one I did some years ago but I don’t have time haha, too busy :expressionless:.

Reason why I tend to stick with single player rpg games or just pick up and drop type games


What is that ? DnD? I heard it is dragons and dungeons, but what is exact porpuse? How do you play it?


Its basically a pencil-and-paper RPG that you play with friends or a random group of people, people come up with their own characters, stories, landscapes, lore; etc. Quite fun actually, requires some serious creativity though.

The crappy DnD one I did years ago was enjoyable, pretty fleshed out and interesting when we only had a few days to build everything.