Divine Intervention (WIP, posted 2/6/21)

For whatever reason, after reading this, my mind went: what if the Hunger Games were a thing but the tributes were the ancient gods chosen by humans to determine which god is worthy of renewed worship while using the games to consequently cull the “weakest”–

Author, if you see this :eyes:

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You’ve pretty much hit the nail on the head!! I guess I should go back and make this more clear from the get go; my intention is to make this evident from the start. Are there any parts of the story in particular where this was ambiguous?

That’s an interesting take but definitely not what I’m going for with this story haha. The story doesn’t really touch on religion or worship because that’s something I want to stay away from, but I can’t really see any of these old pantheons ever realistically coming back. Hence why I went for the “preserve culture and renew interest with the modern lens” method. It’s all going to be pretty transactional, tbh


:eyes: Future project? :eyes:
:joy: I don’t blame you though. It sounds super fun to do myself, but lord, it’d be a struggle I think, because you don’t want to offend anyone. “I just wanna write something fun, I swear!”
Talk about needing a disclaimer.

Is this sort of thing going to be brought up by any of the gods we work with though? Like, would any of them openly lament or perhaps wish for the “old days”?


Yeah, it will definitely be brought up!! Each of the gods kind of have different feelings regarding the modernization of the world (some love it, some hate it, and some just chalk it up to ‘oh silly humans and their fickle whims <3’). I’m hoping to be able to bring that into the story as much as possible (in that i don’t want there to be a one-size-fits-all method for “successfully” serving a client god) but guess we’ll see as we go along!


Really cool beginning can’t wait to read more

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Gosh i love the characters already, you written them so well, each with their own tics and habits! The dialogues are great too! And i think the god we saw might’ve been Gilgamesh? not sure… Anyways… I just felt like it needed to be asked… do you think there’ll be a secret ro??

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thank you!! the identity of the god you meet will be revealed next update (if you choose the right option)! Just finished up that scene!

I don’t have any secret ROs planned atm–there are only 5 ROs per playthrough, but since I’ve planned out slight personality differences between each pantheon’s god duo, it means I actually have to write out 10 routes for certain scenes/events and thats more than enough to keep my hands full. I think any additional ROs would just not be as high-quality, unfortunately.


This one’s not a god though, that’s a hero…

And @israphael-x not sure if I’m the only one that got this weird feeling but we can only select either a god or a goddess from a Pantheon, I mean one from Greeks ( a god or a goddess) one from Japanese like that and both from the same Pantheon has almost the same descriptions…

Like Amaterasu and Susano’o (and even others are like this) has exact dressing style and looks and almost same type of personality? That’s kinda feels off to me.

I think having gender-flippable ROs with the same or highly-similar personalities, styles, and/or looks is actually quite common In CS games (which is essentially what each pantheon duo is supposed to be). I do have differences planned within each pantheon–some are more different than others–which you will continue to see as i write updates, but i have no plans to write 10 distinct romance routes.


I know we say we don’t like men in general but I didn’t see a preference to like women

Seems interesting so far. Definitely going to jeep an eye on this.

Thanks for bringing this up. I’d initially planned the “I’m not attracted to him or men in general” choice to function as the preference for women option but that definitely wasn’t working as-is and i’ve since changed it to explicitly state “have never felt attraction to him, since I prefer women”. It will be pushed in the next update!


I really liked the demo so far! I’m really curious as to who the god is we met in the break room. I…am suspicious of Liwei‘s actual work ethic. Can’t wait to see more!