Disliked Elements, Mechanics, and Tropes

Y’all are just jealous at how little it takes for us to be happy. :rofl:


:sparkles: Literally every game about heroes is happening in the U$A :sparkles: Guess Americans have a monopoly on superpowers, heroes and villains…

But seriously, it’s a bit annoying. I mention superheroes because really I haven’t seen tla single one that had a different setting than the US, but it also applies games of other genres that happening in modern world… It’s not that most authors are Americans :neutral_face: I often saw in WIPs descriptions “English is not my native language etc.” but they choose America instead of their home country anyway.

I’m glad Hellkeepers has appeared. I wish more authors to decide on this, tho.


My superhero stuff takes place in Europe. :upside_down_face: Granted, it’s a post-apocalyptic Europe, and I don’t have any WIP threads as of yet, but it does!

I suspect the “I’ve never seen this in any other setting than America/Most of the media I consume is American” + “so it feels wrong to put it elsewhere” effect, at least in part. It happens!


Ah, how timely :rofl: Trump will win, Americans will abandon us, Putin will attack and here we are: post-apocalyptic Europe.
Joking aside, I can’t wait learn more about that wip :blush:

Yeh, unfortunately. Maybe it’s the fear that people won’t like it because it’s too different. But I would love it for being different. Unique.

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Maybe because and that’s just my opinion, I for example hate my shit hole of a country. Why would I wanna re-visit that hole with Super Heroes? If I created a Super Hero story, it become a Vilain and will do a genocide under 2sec nuking that shithole once and for all.

It would be a very very short story then.

No fun at all :stuck_out_tongue:

The USA give us familiar settings that everyone is comfortable with. Some also use fictional setting.

And maybe putting a story in X country would just be problematic…

Can you imagine a Super hero story with North Korea Setting? How do you go about that??

Unless the Super Hero escaped to South Korea or another country, but then it would become more political than anything and that kinda ruin it.

A lot of countries have issues…how can one make a Super Hero, flying about and over look all the shitty issues plaguing your X country?

The easy answer is…change the setting to the USA.

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I don’t buy it. There are many countries in the world where that stories could work as well as the USA (+ it could be much more interesting and original). I didn’t say that it must be problematic country like North Korea (although I would enjoy some IF happening in this country, it could be great, although in a genre other than superheroes). I’m sick of “familiar” American setting.

Wait, are you suggest that US has no issues? XD

Well, I’m not…
when I have to choose MC height and it’s in feet! Wtfudvh :person_facepalming: :joy:


That…is your greatest complain? Oy Vey! Lol

You get used to it :stuck_out_tongue:

Need translator still.

Didn’t say that. It just…sort of easier to write in that setting.

Were in poorer countries, let just say…the poverty is really in your face and can’t be avoided.

Less whining and more writing then. Chop Chop! Write one where the setting is AFRICA…Big Lovely continent right there for you to bring out the Wonderful stuff out of it with your Super Heroes.

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That would actually be interesting. How superheroes are in a authoritarian place, how controlling are the government over them. Are the majority of them supportive of it or are they leading the opposition? It’s got opportunities, it’s just vastly easier to use the US when the place the supers are in is not as important as the supers themselves

Yeah that can get old real fast, but it also comes to the fact that in a weird roundabout way. More people are comfortable portraying the US than their home country because it’s just so diverse the stories available are a good amount. And you don’t want to also USify your home country by forcing yourself to right a story that has sub-conscious US centrist tropes but its in like. Laos. Where its a really poor showcasing because you don’t focus on location, yet make it different because US overdone. And end up making laotian America.

Also happy birthday @E_RedMark!


Thanks! I’m now a Proud 430 years old! And no wrinkles or gray hair! :rofl:

Interesting? sure. But so complicated. I wouldn’t know how to even begin. especially if you are not familiar with the cultures and the politic of the regions and their histories.

And I don’t care for Politic…so I leave the task to someone else lol


I never did. Seriously, why can’t they use a normal system like the rest of the world???

Bad person for that, find someone from Africa… I could try to write about superheroes of EU countries who join forces against Russia that building an army of various nasty villains : D I’ll add it to the list. When someday I dare to write anything, I will already have an idea.

My point was that I wish authors from other countries not to be afraid to experiment with genres and trying to set them in their home countries. Interesting things could come out of it. Maybe some people would even want to, but they still choose some New York (even though they have never been there) because they think that would the best.


Can you please clarify what you mean by “problematic”? If it’s hard to imagine, it just makes more interesting challenge to write, no?

Make someone with superpower who works on the oppressive regime and make them doubt that, for example. Make an “undeground superpower revolutionary movement”. There’s a lot of ways to make this work.

As a Russian, call me interested.

To the topic, I actually thinked of writing an IF that is set in USA, but then I’ve transferred it to Russia. I know USA only from movies and I’m afraid of butchering it in my story and making stupid mistakes.

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Nah. I like fiction and I rather stay in the ‘It look similar to…but not really’ kinda of settings.

And I have no desire to go into sucky reality for a story or a game lol

Its boring enough living innit. Don’t wanna write about it.


Well we were GOING to, but something something its Britain’s fault (to grossly oversimplify it :rofl:).

I dont get why our system bugs people so much, yes its different from everyone else & maybe its stupid or something but we live in an age where you can just look up something to convert it for you.

I know that some people think portraying any other culture that isnt western is somehow problematic, even when the person making it is from that country. Some people also dont like when other countries are portrayed as just having issues (like literally every country). I dont understand those people’s minds. And I guess not every challenge is that enticing, sometimes, I dont even want to have an opinion on something…


Oh, thanks for the clarification! That’s something unexpected.

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personally the place I’m from feels way too small to set a superhero story :sweat_smile:

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Village Super Hero? It could work lol

I think this is one of the reasons why I don’t play CS games especially for the romance paths. If a game looks like its largest selling point is the ROs, I may avoid it altogether. While they can be done well and some games do manage it, a lot of the time they feel like they are there to be romanceable NPCs first and actual story characters that have their own autonomy second so they don’t feel at all real. Like I do get a lot of particularly dating games do this as a genre and that’s fine, but variety would be nice for those of us uninterested in dating sims? I wonder this is a bit of a side effect of authors knowing just how necessary it is to have ROs to have a popular game rather than building one on other types of relationships, and possibly having a few characters that are rounded out enough that they can evolve into a romance if the right choices are picked. It just kind of seems like a lot of ROs are plasticy, perfect stereotypes (both in appearance and fitting into a character “type”) many of which either throw themselves at the MC or are the treat’em’mean type. Personally I’d rather have more “real” rounded characters that also happen to have a romance route if you decide to take it, but like you I think I’m in the minority.

The hero or and villain series is set in Japan.

True, but more variety would be nice ya know? Expanding horizons and more unique settings and all that. I think the main problem is writing a country you have no experience with can be harder. Most people can write their home country, the US (because of how saturated the media is with shows set there), and possibly a country they have visited although unless it’s a long term visit your understanding of the ins and outs of that place will be shallower. Still a lot of writers here are NOT from the US so it is do-able :slight_smile:

(Edit for grammarbecause I don’t seem to be capable of spelling simple words today :upside_down_face:)


oh I don’t disagree with that. I myself explore many genres in my stories. Even have one story in Japan setting, and one game idea is in old China.

But the suggestion that was given was ‘Use your homeworld as Setting’. As much as I love Uranus from a distance…it shall stay that way.


You had to go there with that joke didn’t you >.<


Hey its not my fault the dominant Planet of the Aquarius is Uranus! Its a Bithright at this point! :joy: