Disliked Elements, Mechanics, and Tropes

Second-person POV. I’m already used to it, but games with first-person POV will always be favored by me.

Schemes like:

  • MC is completely ordinary and leads an ordinary life, until suddenly they are thrown into a magical, amazing world, meet a group of amazing ROs and it turns out that the MC is also extraordinary and has powers and must save the world or something + Being ignorant, while everyone around knows the truth.
  • Starting the game with: MC being in some creepy, weird situation where they fight for their lives, get excruciating pain, eventually get killed, and it turns out to be a nightmare. MC wakes up terrified and panicked.

It doesn’t mean that these things bother me a lot. Some games have a great story and are well written (Wayhaven which I absolutely love). I’m just a person who gets bored quickly when something is often seen in interactive games. I have a great need for something unconventional, original… something that will surprise me or even embarrass and confuse (in ‘positive way’ :sweat_smile:).

ROs that hate MC because MC exist. Haha. Ok… Some authors come up with pretty good reasons. Unfortunately, often RO is written in such a way that they are incredibly annoying to me. They behave immaturely, reminding me of a pouting child…They are rude to MC even though they have known them for a few minutes. I have no patience for such characters and striving for this thing “from enemy to lover”.

When the game forces me to be nice, noble and play the hero.

Pointless bad endings. I’ve seen something like this recently (although it wasn’t a CoG game). At some point, MC will find himself in a situation where they must be saved by one of ROs. If MC has no relationship with anyone, they will die because no one will come to save them. WTF? I was pretty pissed off after that. I understand the game is mostly about romance, but why can’t MC have a chance to survive by relying on their own intelligence and cunning?

When I have to ask all available questions to go ahead and there is no option to get past it.

I have to choose an option that doesn’t fit MC’s personality to develop romantic relationships. For example, MC overly admires RO’s looks (They are obviously above average beautiful) becomes shy or unnaturally flirty etc. Or something else: I used to play quite a flirtatious MC and chose these options on a certain RO a few times (because their reactions were funny), and shortly after it turned out that MC is in love with this RO and is starting to have serious intentions towards them. They didn’t even know each other for too long! :expressionless:

Imposing on a player things like name or gender because the MC is based on existing character from books, movies, stories. It’s not actually a big thing and sometimes it probably has justification, but I have to admit it - stings me a bit.
The author of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - An affair of the heart did a good thing. We are still a brilliant detective, but we are not forced that our name be Sherlock Holmes.