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this is going to lead to people getting lined up in the admins’ crosshairs.


But maybe they won’t take the shot
Besides I like hearing others peoples opinions abd ideas it’s kinda interesting (and gives me stuff to ponder)


Ok I am 100% ok with it just follow the rules
(I am actually interested in this)
I believe it actually is possible for women to sexually assault men but lemme read that link quick.


That was a good idea seeing as it left a massive loophole in charges of the crime (And as a male) I would say that men can definitely get raped I think the disbelief comes partially from ignorance and alot of it definitely comes from sexism. (Apparently some people believe men are thes tough brave people) men just aren’t invincible seeing as I am 100% sure that there are a good amount of females (possible all of them as i have an obvious weakness) that could beat me.
Which leaves me wondering why sone people perceive women as weak and men as strong. (Which opens the gate way to stupid thoughts like some people being unable to believe women can’t abuse men) I honestly can’t believe anyone can think that. (I wonder what they are thinking? I am actually curious)


Personally I think that it is very possible. My vote is yes because it is against the victim’s will. The argument “but he was hard.” is completely invalid because it’s a reflex. When tissues related to the gentalia are stimulated in a male, an erection happens regardless of the emotional reaction to the event. Therefore it’s an invalid argument as it is still against the victim’s will.


Not exactly. Evidence of restraints or drugs used would seal their fate


I remember hearing of a guy who was raped at knife point. I believe it ended badly for the poor guy
Im noy 100% sure but I don’t think sge was charged for rape…


Idk but im gonna try anyway
Having a straight up obsession for said person
(Im gonna see what else I can come up with)


We moderators are discussing this thread. I’m locking it until we come to a decision.

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In short, agreed.