Discussion about the unknown


Hi it’s me storm and I was wondering if any of you guys believe in ghosts, spirits, demons, aliens, unidentified creatures etc.

I will start off by saying I think ghosts and things like that probably exist. Of course I believe that they can’t roam freely they have to haunt a person place or thing. I also believe it likely that aliens exist. Big foot has a possibility of existing but I seriously doubt it.


Of course aliens exist. There are trillions of stars out there, all with their own solar systems.


What about ghosts and the other stuff do you think those exist?


No; they’re fantasy creatures.


Mermaids can possibly be real and aliens are just as @Samuel_H_Young said plus the universe keeps expanding and new planets keep being formed so i really don’t understand why the heck peopl think that there is no freakin life other than us. It’s pretty obvious that they have life cause it’s more impossible that there is one in infinite chance of no other life forms.

And for ghosts, it’s pretty horrible for a person to be trapped for eternity in a world they do not wish to stay in. So i do not wish to believe that they might exist.

As for big foot, yeah they could have been really hairy pre-evolved humans at the time of ice age with the fur to protect them from the cold. But i really don’t understand where the giant foot would come from. So if they were real they prob didn’t have really giant feet. But it can be a human-ape hybrid, if that is possible


I believe aliens exist? Yes. I believe there are in earth , Nope. About ghosts, no if they really exists we already have some kind of proof.

But the funny thing is if multiverse many scientifics theorize are real. Then ALL is real maybe not in our dimension, but if dimensions are infinite all circumstances happen .So maybe there’s a dimension where spiritual beings ask if there exist corporal beings like humans …


damn @Marajade thats some imagination. Never though of it that way, thats actually a pretty creative way of thinking of it


Aliens of course rather we’re talking about multi or single cell organisms or both. Ghost yes or at least something to that affect. Bigfoot probably not.


I used that idea in Trial of the Demon Hunter


Once again, I agree with Sam. Aliens, for sure. One day, I believe we will confirm the existence of alien lifeforms on another planet. Almost certainly just single-celled lifeforms though. The chances of humans ever encountering intelligent aliens is a different question: It’s almost certainly not going to happen.

Ghosts and fairies are nice tales to explain the unexplained but, just like Santa and the dyslexic dog, nothing more.


I used to teach 5th grade. One day I did a lesson on how many stars we think the cosmos contains. Something like 6 times the number of grains of sand on earth. So from a pure math perspective, I am convinced there is life on millions if not billions of other planets. It’s almost illogical to think otherwise and believe that this insignificant orb has a monopoly on life.


Actually there is much unexplained phenomena that I believe has to be something. If you would have had the experiences that me and my family have had then you would consider the paranormal.


Wow this discussion is so my bread and butter. I believe aliens exist, ghosts too maybe not in the forms we think they’re in but they do exist, maybe magical creatures at one point but they disappeared or were wiped out. Mermaids could exist in some form over 90% of the ocean or so is still unexplored. Aliens definitely because so much of the universe is unexplored. We’re still so low on the technology level for space travel so one day we might find them. Maybe we’re just at our end of the universe and they’re at the other end and that’s why we haven’t found each other yet. And like @MaraJade said I think there are countless other dimensions. Maybe stuff that doesn’t exist here exists there and vice versa like unicorns, ghosts, demons, hobbits, etc. Know its a bit different but I have a theory that maybe things we imagine like books and movies and such happen in another universe and we channel it through our minds and imagine it and write it down/create it.


I’ve seen some freaky stuff.


I remember watching some documentary or another about ghosts, and they had interviewed the lead singer of a rock band, who had claimed he had had an encounter with a ghost when he was a teenager. When the guy didn’t fail to mention was that he was on drugs at the time, I noticed that there was no doubt of what he’d seen by either him or the narrator, attributing to the fact that he wasn’t in a stable mental state in the first place…

Anyway, no, I don’t believe in ghosts or demons or spirits, or an afterlife, really. Though, I stand firmly in my belief of aliens, though I’m not about to expect to start seeing UFO’s or believing that crop circles are more than just a hoax. I don’t mean to discredit anyone, but the mind is a very powerful thing, and also easily manipulated. Hallucinations, pranks, strange yet natural occurrences, any number of things can make a person think they saw a ghost.

Of course, everything I say doesn’t necessarily mean anything, as I’ve never witnessed it and can not truthfully say whether it exists, but that it may or may not.


Well I might have been on weed…

I’m joking… I’m joking I was completely sane when I witnessed these things don’t worry.


Aliens. #TheNewHistoryChannel


Aliens exist
Ghosts and spirits meh dont think so
Demons exist


Like most of the people here, I believe that aliens exist. I’ve had encounters with ghosts so I believe in them too.


@DSeg please tell me what happened in those encounters