Discussion about the potential for a Super game where You are your own worst enemy

I had an idea not exactly sure how to implement it. But basically your a superhero maybe speedster maybe something else. But how you play the game determines the final boss.

If you play as a noble hero your going to face a dastardly villain version of yourself

Dastardly Villain you face the noble hero version of yourself. Possibly with various degrees such as ruthlessly pragmatic hero meets idealistic Dr. Horriblesque Villain. Been watching Flash and the idea came thought I’d get some input


Sounds interesting, and I guess it could be feasible if you have an invisible stat sheet for the villain that is also affected by the decisions your character makes. You’ll have to build unique dialogue trees for both the hero and the villain though, and that will take a lot of work.


IDon’t forget that the best adversaries are often recurring and that they mirror the hero’s aspects darkly somehow. Take Batman villains-

  • Batman is a charitable rich man who uses his wealth to help others. The Penguin is a spoiled rich man who funds his own depravity. Both have interesting gadgets at their command.

  • Batman represents Order, the Joker Chaos. Again, both have wonderful toys.

  • Batman has to manage two identities and two types of desires. Take that problem to it’s villainous extreme and you get Two Face.

  • Batman also has the tendency to always pull out the right plan or gadget at the right time. A villain obsessed with that is the Clock King.

  • If Batman stays alive and the world refuses to change he may lose faith in his mission. Then he’s just a few Lazurus Pits away from becoming Ras al’Ghul.

Batman’s been very successful. I wish you the same kind of luck.


Funny enough I had a similar idea previously for a game idea I had where your powers or the origin of your powers would determine who your enemy was, though I think it would be better to have a more solid counterpart. The trick is to think what defines such legendary rivals in comics. Batman and Joker, Superman and Lex Luthor, Captain America and Red Skull, Spider-Man and Green Goblin etc.

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Edit: just saw post by achtungnight. This idea is a bit similar.

Sounds fun. Also, if you want to entertain an idea, you could have one path where a villain is leaving you clues and is causing mayhem. You never meet them. But it turns out it’s just a split personality as a result of some sort of chemical accident. I mean, it could end up being curable or something.

Idk. That’s what I first thought of at your title lol.

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