The rain was fat and heavy, a thick smothering of water that covered everything it landed on and made it near impossible to see. You strained to look through the droplets to the crowd that had gathered with you in the streets. On the screens around you, glimpses of generals and politicians, of guards and finely dressed nobles, of royalty, flashed one after the other. The crowd was silent, and as you looked around at the group you had joined you could recognize many of your neighbors; they appeared frozen staring up at the passing images. Where the men on TV had appeared stoic, your neighbors let the disbelief, the uncertainty, tint their expressions. Really, you realized, the only common feature between the figures on the screen and your lot was color.

Everyone was wearing black to the funeral.

The King was dead and everything had just changed.

A nation at war with itself. A class system that divided the people and limited change, thus ensuring the people will strive toward it. Will you defend the status quo, look for personal gain, or force a new beginning for your people?

I’m supremely bored. This is not a WIP. Just a thought tugging on my mind I thought I’d share.


Turn a fleeting boredom cure into a lasting boredom cure, and make it into a WiP…


I’ve thought about it, but I don’t know how to code. Like at all. Its painful to watch me try.

Nor does having someone else code it for me really appeal to me.

But I like stories and creating a setting, which is what this was :slight_smile:


@Raven In February I didn’t know how to code in choicescript.

The only coding I’d previously done was back in the dark ages, in school. Even then it was more copying code out of books, word for word, as opposed to making any of my own.

Coding was painful, it was frustrating, it wouldn’t do what I wanted it to do. I was ready to yell and scream at it in places. My game ended up very basic, codewise, but I somehow got it done. And slowly but surely it’s become easier.

I’ve looekd at the code of some of the official games, and there are some authors who’re clearly not good at the code. They still managed to make a game though.

As coding languages go choicescript’s main problem is that initial hurdle, of going from “EWW CODE!!! I suck at coding” to “oh, I think I know how to do this.” The best thing is there’s a forum filled with people who’d be willing to help.

Choicescript was supposedly designed for people like us, who’s useless at coding. Now, I do think that if it was for non-coders it would have a nice, easy WYSIWYG interface like Twine. But if you put your mind to it you could do it!


When I downloaded choicescript forever ago, I couldn’t even figure out what folder did what to start trying to code lol


@Raven if i could code without pc in a phone you could do everything with a pc.
I like fairy said start hating CS. Now i see it like funny, its cool see the stuff you code works you feel proud.
It´s so interesting to me that im about to joing curses to learn javascript and im a lawyer without job returned to uni again. Imagine what you could do so now go learn and do that game so awesome about that kingdom


@Raven Me neither! I was so overwhelmed by the amount of stuff. Most of it though you can quite happily ignore. It’s just there to intimidate you.

I think it was CS_Closet’s tutorial that seriously helped me. It’s outdated now, unfortunately. However the way it highlit which folders I needed to go into, and what files did what was so much help.


I used that and the wiki and the files on the main website