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I’d rather not start a fight over this, but I think this explicitly verbal consent thing is a case where the right idea meets the wrong species. Humans simply don’t operate in such forthright, legalistic ways, especially when it comes to something as irrational and emotionally fraught as sexuality.

As it stands, it was jarring and annoyed me when I read it in Dino Knights.


Humans don’t “operate” like this because society teaches them so. Look how often in fiction a woman rightfully complaining or such is shut up with a “kiss”. She’s pissed at him and he kisses her, and no one sees a problem with it.


Well… i don’t find Beatrice annoying , she was kind of in awe with me during our interaction … i think she knew the kingdom is in danger, but don’t want to think about the burden she might inherit and she was just hoping her mother can stay on the throne forever … so she tried to look cheerful when we were around and her heart was too pure :slight_smile:

Laila was fun too … looks like a friendly reporter looking to join us for a good story, i initially thought she had some secrer identity, like the socceress apprentice…

You should find another fun companion who want to be an Egg breader… she/he was cute too :slight_smile:


Guess I judged the prince(ss) too early.

About the asking for consent thing: I’m okay with it the first time. Especially bc I like to take it slowly, like in real life, first get to know the other person. I don’t like the “she is attractive, we had like one conversation, let’s kiss” kinda approach.


The peasant who want to breed dragon eggs is a surprise as well, even though not an RO … intereaction with him/her will be sweet :slight_smile: