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A Mummy Is Not An Antique
By Randy Condon

“Misfortune has already devastated me,” you say. “I produce antique appraisal shows for PBS. What’s going on?”

Who ever thought that Antique Roadshow might have inspired a better story than the man who spent over £100,000 on a Tesco brand olive oil bottle? How did I miss this title?

General Story:

You are a PBS Antique Roadshow-esque producer smack dab in the middle of (unsurprisingly) an antique show. Providence drops a mummy in your camera lens, and hijinks ensue. Can you make sure you get enough footage to make your name in the PBS hall of fame? Or at least get to Netflix?

This story lulls you into a false sense of serenity, and then sprints towards the finish dragging you along with it. Dialogue is Edgar Wright levels of snappy, filled with puns and wordplay. Action clips along at about the same pace. And now that I think about it, I could 100% see Simon Pegg as the MC and Nick Frost as… wait… I feel like I need to go back and read the story again because there might be more parallels than I thought.

Format and Typos:

Great readability, one typo in a response that I reported.

Game Mechanics and Stats:

Game tracks your injuries (in a humorous fashion), but you only really deal with Empathy and Ambition. Ambition dovetails into a lot of choices that improve your ‘film quality’ as you try to follow the saga of the Mummy in the AntiqueCon. Other than that, though? There isn’t a lot of management in stats.


You ‘might’ get one or two plays out of this based on variability. There is a lot of (great) text and dialogue, but not much in the way of interactive choice beyond how it varies your next page. You are pretty much along for the ride on what is a great story with mild interactivity. The five endings are pretty much relegated to the epilogue, and you’ll make the choice as long as you meet the prerequisites there.


  • Sometimes it is very hard not to judge a book by its cover.
  • Too little Brenda.
  • I understand that not every story has to have romance, but I honestly think that a whirlwind fling with some of the characters would have been both hilarious and thematically appropriate.


  • Not kidding when I said I got some Hot Fuzz/Shaun of the Dead vibes from how the story and dialogue were fashioned. This is high praise considering Hot Fuzz is my favorite movie ever.
  • Fast paced, but keeps your attention throughout. Constantly working towards an end goal.
  • Absolutely hilarious writing. Another story where I had over twenty different quotes I wanted to use, but had to narrow it down. “We LUV Brenda”!

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