Differing messages with highest underline Calc code

So, I am confused. I am getting differing messages with highest_calc, and am not sure why. The first time, it seems to be fine, when I alter the relationship, the highest_calc alters with it, I have it set up so right after the first relationship choice it goes to the correct scene. Second time, same thing, but it’s not working. Here is the code.

*if (highest_relationship ="t")
	*goto bang2
*if (highest_relationship ="l")
	*goto bang2
*if (highest_relationship ="n")
	*goto bang2
*if (highest_relationship ="d")
	*goto bang2
*label bang2

That seems to go fine. The next one, which as far as I can tell is the same code wise as the prev one, doesn’t. Again, here is the code.

*goto t_exammon
*if (highest_relationship ="l_relationship")
	*goto l_exammon
*if (highest_relationship ="n_relationship")
	*goto n_exammon
*if (highest_relationship ="d")
	*goto d_exammon

So in the second one, if I have say, N_relationship as the highest, it will go to T_exammon. Does that with all 3 of the other relationships. Not sure quite what’s up, since as I said, as far as I can tell the code is the same, and I have it set up to go straight from the first relationship choice to the label with each *if, for the first it’s *label bang, for the second it’s *label ironclad, just to clear things up.
Anyway, hope someone can give me a hand here, so I can start moving along with this. Also, for who ever reads this, hope that you have a nice rest of your day.

this might be a real head-desk-er, but it looks like you have *goto t_exammon immediately before the if checks so it doesn’t even see those, it just goes straight to *label t_exammon


Seems to have fixed that, thanks. Odd thing was that I only put them into lables because that helped before when it did odd stuff. Seems to be working now though, so that’s good. Am pretty good with the rest of Choice script, though not as good with the highest_calc code and stuff. What does the stuff mean? Think it means like a minus or what not, but am not sure, and could not find it on the Wiki the last time I checked. Though, I searched for “highest_calc”, so perhaps that’s why?
I meant the brackets, not sure why when I put the sign itself in it’s not coming up, but regardless. Hope this makes a bit more sense now.

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