Did I ever introduce my self


If I did hooray if I didn’t then I’m garbage asymmetrical garbage which is saying something since I’m basically in love with myself any way back on track I’m darkstar2101 feel free to cal me darkstar or Charlie since I have a tendency to die first no matter what game I play with friends leading them to jokingly yell out Charlie nooooo so any way I have been in love CoG since I first played its games which was choice of the dragon which I still play just for the choices I have horrible writing skills and have a tendency to over react or exaggerate and the only escape I have are choice of games, anime, video game, or school. So nice to meet ya. Nya


Hi ._.


Welcome friend, and enter.


Hello my wifi in Mexico is slooooow so bear with me


The wifi at my dad’s house is trying to kill me so you are lucky


havn’t you been around for like 2 months now?


I think but I didn’t introduce my self and that is bad manners you can’t just walk up to a stranger and puch them for no reason


lol so you plan on punching someone eh.

anyways i don’t think you did maybe in a seperate discussion but you never made one for the sole purpose of introduction. So welcome


I started this not just as introduction but also to see what questions are asked and to just goof around and because I like anime soooooooo much I want to ask the people if they can recommend some the ones I have seen were also good I’ve seen spice and wolf, attack on titan, gosick, black butler, sword art online (the second part didn’t ruin it for me but still left me asking wtf) aria the scarlet ammo, is this a zombie?, heavens lost property and log horizon (it’s where I got the Nya part form the master himself nyanta) I’ve also seen maoyu which is in my opinion spice and wolf lite
Ps I’ve seen yugioh one piece and Pokemon standard child hood procedure that is


Welcome and What’s anime?


Wolfs rain. I’ve just started that anime series, and i’m loving it! And happy late welcomes to the forum


Ugh, stupid double post. Anime is kinda like a cartoon series, although usually more meaningful and enjoyable.


well you missed naruto and bleach, otherwise you got it covered


You should also try some kdrama’s i know they are nothing like anime but they are amazing preferably high kick 3

Whoops :stuck_out_tongue: forgot about the edit button, srry 4 da double post


Hey, I recommend Death Note, Naruto, and Fairy Tail.


If you like anime, you may like CrunchyRoll. Lots of anime and dramas on that, but there is a monthly fee, but seemingly no limit to how much you can watch.

PS: You may like many a if you like anime and then should check out Mangafox sometime. I could let you know of some good stories on it.


One Piece is good. Also Blood the Last Vampire, and Trinity Blood.


The only reason I like death note was because of L after he died and after light was like I will be god for the millionth time I was like just die already and the ending was good in my taste all I said was karma bitch
I’ve seen fairy tale and my favorite character was happy
I have crunchy roll on my ps3 and my iPad
Naruto and bleach are necessary for a child
The first anime I ever saw was one piece


oh oran host club is pretty good for a comedy


I am here for 1 year and 6 months now and I also never introduced myself but I guess that isn’t needed since everyone knows me