Diaspora (WIP) - Updated 12.22.18



Wait so long for this… cover me guys im going in!


@AugustArria @Kurokiku
Bug found, when fighting Meryem.

“Your leader wants to work with us, and your first move is to fight me, the Chief’s {child}?”

My character is male.


Ah, missing $ in the code. Thanks; I’ll fix it soon.


What this a new update? You spoil us but on a serious note I enjoy the introduction of the new faction and was interested to see there side of the conflict I also enjoy the life or death duel it was interesting that you made it more choice base could we see more of this in future updates? Overall this update was superb like all updates before hand and I strongly believe that with each update the game will get better and better.


Loved the update. My only concern so far though is that the player may feel unevenly pressured to side against the iskendi. So far, we have 2 main characters who would presumably take it very poorly if we sided with the iskendi (Sanguinarius and Pan) and none that would really be bothered is we sided against them.
Obviously as I can’t tell you how the story will go, I can’t be sure how true that is, but right now it just feels like companion wise we have so much more to lose by siding with them

That said, I have enough faith in your writing to look forward to being proven wrong in the future :stuck_out_tongue:


I honestly think this is the best WIP on the forums, deserves so much more attention


Haven’t made it all the way through the demo yet, not for lack of engagement mind you. There was actually this one point where I was intending to flirt with Aisling but the voice of my inner Cine told me it would be an abuse of my position as bardach… immersed much?

I can definitely see the Norse influences but I actually get more of a Visigoth vibe from the Cine although that may be more down to situation than what they’re actually like.

I’m not sure whether I want to save the rest of this for the full release or not, it’s honestly that good.


Great job as always :heart:

Here’s what I liked the most:

  • The duel; as someone already said, picking the choice that better suited our MCs was easy enough. And damn it if kicking that lady’s ass and looking all fresh and cocky while doing it didn’t make me smile.

  • Aisling. Aisling blushing and getting all awkward when she offers her help to Izzy… I just, I can’t. You keep feeding the shipper in me, guys.

  • Chief Mom has a nervous tic. Everytime MC has to do something potentially dangerous she rubs the spear she carries around with her thumb. Also, the scene with her looking at her child as if trying to memorize their face. I love Chief Mom.

  • I think I’ll go ahead and help the Empire. Not because I think they respect the clan or even care about them, but because of Pan. That’s it really.

  • Dat cliffhanger tho. You are diabolical.

I’ve been wanting to ask, what does the stat Intuition do exactly? I realize it goes up whenever I pick certain choices, I think? What’s the difference between it being high or low? As of now, mine’s around 50, but I’m still not sure if it gives us flavor text or if it helps to pass an intuition test or something.


I believe there are at least a couple of instances where Intuition is checked (within the WIP as a whole, not sure about the last chapter), so the higher it is, the better (but there are also always other options to choose from, like diplomacy or intimidation, so it’s not an obligatory check). And yes, flavour text, definitely. Like observations about other characters’ behaviour, reasons behind it and seeing openings for potential exploits.


Imo this IS the best WIP on the forums. For me it goes:

  1. Diaspora.

2/3. Freak Amidst the Neon Lights/Through Broken Lenses.

  1. Mordred: Blood Cries Afar.

Oh, and that Choice of Broadsides sequel I have yet to rank.


This demo was really interesting and had me hooked. I like the personal relationships that you can build with the main characters and how each has their own unique background. Will there be other ROs or more options to develop your clan (military, trade, social issues, etc)
Im really excited to see what the finished game will look like!


This is a really good demo so far. KEEP IT GOING👍


That cliffhanger wouldnt be out of place in freaking Game of thrones. You evil little rascal :smiley:


Atually im kinda confuse who to help with the factions i mean i wanna help the empire but would they really cede the ownership of divio and its surrounding parts to us if we help them right now i feel like they’re saying “be useful and u can stay there for a while” and the iskendi i dont know they seem like i can trust their word… so confuse who to align with.


That’s generally a sign of great writing.


Whew. I leave the forum alone for a day, and look what happens!

@pimenita - Intuition is a persuasion stat like Diplomacy or Intimidation. Generally, though not always, it represents a persuasive method that relies a little more on reading people and/or making reasoned arguments, rather than relying on one’s rhetorical skill/empathy or ability to scare/intimidate/kick people in the pants verbally. It does also occasionally provide flavor text corresponding to that skill: more in-depth reads on people’s body language or tone, for example.

@Gwenstn - That’s a perfectly legitimate concern. Without spoiling too much, I will say that the plan is for all of the party members to be malleable in certain ways. That is, with persistent interaction and conscious attempts to engage with their points of view and convince them of the PC’s own, they can be brought around at least somewhat. While there will be very real danger of certain characters leaving the group at points in the story, it will never be inevitable just based on whether one supports the Iskendi or Castulia. Also, as things develop, you may find that some members of the party are sympathetic to the Iskendi more than the Empire.

In general, we really want this to be a complex, nuanced choice. Each side, if we do our jobs right, will have a certain kind of justice to it, but also hopefully produce some unease or discontent. This is not a perfect world everyone’s in, and we’re doing our best to present the central issues as multifaceted and difficult to grapple with. We’re glad to see that there already happens to be some debate on sides here. We hope that there will be even more with the news that going one way or another doesn’t automatically lose you a favorite NPC companion. :slight_smile:

@Ekaterina - Neutrality is kind of a fraught term here. It’s certainly possible for a PC to be ideologically neutral between the causes, but there will come a certain point in the game where remaining neutral in terms of actions won’t really be feasible anymore. Essentially a “choose a side or be everyone’s enemy” kind of scenario, which a group as small as the Cine is not in a position to handle.

Bit more from August to follow!


Just wanted to add that all the support and kind words have been extremely encouraging. I think it’s safe to say that we’ve perpetually underestimated how much you guys will enjoy each chapter/update. The feedback is always awesome, and always really useful.

Speaking of, if any of you are able to keep sending us your stats as you go through the game, it really helps to have a variety, and to know where we should be basing skill and relationship checks.

@Pumpkaboo - All of the main party members (Aisling, Cormac, Izzy, Sangarinus, and Pan) will have romance options, and those will definitely start kicking off pretty soon here at their own paces. All of them will also have individual quests of sorts that the player can take on if they’re interested, later in the game.

As for the clan, the player’s choices will definitely help define how they evolve and change, and not just in who they align with. Aisling, for instance, has already brought up ideas challenging the current Cine opinion on magic, and the player can either support or resist this. Just one example.

Again, thank you all for the support. We had a great discussion today on the details for the next chapter, and we’ll be diving into it soon.


Echoing what was said above, so far the narrative seems heavily slanted towards the Castulians.

Companion opinions aside, we know that the Iskendi attacked a city filled with civilians for the sake of causing destruction, and from their leader’s own admission, they started the war that got them driven out. … Not really making it easy to sympathize.
But I feel we are far from having the whole story yet. When are we going to see the Empire’s seedy underbelly?

Have a very slight nagging feeling about that fire that burned down the slums.

Very fond of Pan, and yet also somewhat suspicious of them.

Approving of MC dueling to the death. Really didn’t expect that of you.


Thanks for the feedback. :slight_smile:

Pan is a complicated person, and I can promise a lot more is going on under that lighthearted exterior. Hopefully uncovering the layers of the characters in general will be as fun for you guys to read as it will be for us to write.

And the Empire has plenty of seediness to go around. There’s the whole slavery thing, and I’m sure those of you inclined to go questing with Izzy might discover more, among other opportunities.

Stop me before I start teasing updates too much; it’s a bad habit of mine.


Too late. There are enablers here /brick’d

If we choose to romance Pan are we as starcrossed as they’ve pointed out? Because ngl that’s a big weakness