Diaspora (WIP) - Updated 12.22.18



Month-Day-Year. I’m American scum like that. :slight_smile:


Aisling :ok_hand: Although that’s just my opinion


@Kurokiku hmm i have to say i dont like much that last update, the way we are forced seems like our choices doenst matter and thats something i never liked in choice of games…i hope you add a choice to reject Adriana in a future update.


Sorry to hear. I can certainly confirm that there will be future opportunities to not do as Adriana wants, however. This was somewhat necessary setup to that scenario, though I suppose we might consider adding a bad end there if the player wants to insist while she has that many soldiers standing around.


i dont mind the fight since i can see why we are forced to, but letting Adriana force us people into our ship…even when i choose to reject it seems those choices are pointless to me, thats something that i dont like in games…


Yeah, that makes sense. It was definitely an issue we ran up against in the planning, and weren’t quite sure what to do with. For story’s sake, it’s kind of necessary that the other two end up with the main party, but then it was hard to decide whether to just leave off the option to refuse or not. Now I’m not sure whether we should allow the PC to insist and let stuff get violent accordingly or rewrite the choice and just remove the ineffective one. Not sure if anyone has a view on that, but if so, we’re all ears here.

For the record, the reason you’re forced to (from a logical/IC standpoint) take the Castulians aboard is because Adriana has way more soldiers than your crew can handle with her while she’s asking.


how about a simple choice for us to lie both about agreeing to her demands and acepting them into our ship but with rather dark intentions of using them. (kind of what ragnar did with the monk)


If it helps, am not particularly bothered by the choice. Mostly as you said, the MC can’t really say no at this point so a possible compromise point could be allowing the MC more tenor in how they can accept the news rather than outright refusal or acceptance?


I personally think you should let the choice, cause you can use it for at least upgrade the relation between the player and Adriana. After that, you can always give the player the choice to keep him aboard or not. I mean, she push us to take him, but in YOUR ship, you can always…take care of him, and there you could give a choice between keeping him, push him overboard or kill him…i mean, the sea tend to be quite uncontrollable today…


Ho, and i forget, i also think that’s more immersive. The player is confront to a choice who push him to accept, making the whole moment even more intense.


Noted. Thanks for the thoughts, all. We’ll discuss this, and see what we can work out in terms of alternatives.


I just found this project but I am enjoying it immensely! :slight_smile:


Hi guys!

We’re still working, we promise. There are a lot of moving parts in this next section, and admittedly, various things like holidays and day jobs and all that have kept us from progressing as quickly as we’d like, but rest assured that we’ve not given up. There will be another chapter, hopefully in March, and we’re really looking forward to seeing what you make of it.


I’m glad. This has been a fantastic WIP and I’m happy to see you guys continue to put so much hard work and love into it.:smiley:


Glad to hear you guys are still working on Diaspora its probably one of my favorite work in progress on the forum and I cant wait to see what you guys have plan for march update. Keep up the good Work as always :grinning:


This is in my opinion one of the best WIP’s, can’t wait for the next part :slight_smile:


Hello there!

At long last, we are back with an actual update. Chapter 4 is now up and playable. It thickens the plot in some major ways, gets the player involved with the last of our major factions to be introduced, and also includes stuff like hanging out with the crew and even one possibly life-or-death duel situation. We tried a new approach with the combat there, so if you happen to do that (it’s optional), we’d be interested in your feedback on your experience. Trying to do something a little more interesting than “pick the option that corresponds to your strongest attributes.”

In any case, we hope you all enjoy the chapter, and to any new players we get who didn’t see the older chapters go up, welcome! With any luck the next chapter shouldn’t take us this long again (low bar, I know).


That hit the spot. Many thanks for the update! :heart_eyes:
That was quite a cliffhanger to end on. You cruel people)

I’m not yet sure whether I’m ready to support either side. If I’m not mistaken, neutrality won’t be possible, right? Decisions, decisions… Baltazar - so far, - has been a gratious host and generally likeable (unlike Adriana). But we all know how false amicability can be. Plus, taking Pan’s attitude into consideration… I’m definitely withholding any judgement, for now.

The duel mechanic wasn’t too complicated: from the description it was quite clear which stats were going to be utilized for a given move, so I knew in advance if the chosen tactic would be sucessful. And even if I slightly botched the final round (not enough in one of the stats, can’t have everything, can we?), it didn’t affect the outcome too much.
Ah, once again I’m reminded why this is one of my favourite WIP’s. :hugs: So looking forward to the next chapter.


Woooooo an update! Can’t wait to dive on. This is one of my favourite WiP’s, and I really think it should get more attention. Just wanted to give you guys some encouragement, haha. I’ll read the update in a bit.


That cliffhanger was cruel and you know it //huffs in anticipation for the next update

Picking a side is going to be difficult. On one hand the Iskendi imo is in the right of it, like these were people driven away from their homelands. But on the other I do like Pan and I don’t think they would turn on their country so oh no

Can’t wait to see what you’ll do next! So far the game keeps exceeding expectations and I love it all the more for it