Diaspora (WIP) - Updated 12.22.18



Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear that! I have trouble with disappearing saves sometimes, too. Unfortunately, it seems to be an issue with the plugin, rather than the game, so we can’t really do anything about it. :frowning:


atleast you have a reason to play again :slight_smile:


It’s my own stupid fault! I pressed the delete button when trying to bring up a save, damn those tiny buttons on mobile!

And everyone’s been dealing with that’s too.


I think I found the issue. It shouldn’t be giving you options about what to have the slaves do if they’re about to be smuggled off the island anyway. So I fixed that, and the redundancy should be gone. Nice catch!


Ugh, that’s really unfortunate. Hopefully it’s not too much of a burden to play from chapter 3 again though. :slight_smile:


It’s really not but I like where I was going and I don’t think I can remember choice I made 5 months ago.


Now I can’t gwt past the ship battle at all


Could you explain what you mean by that? Is the game glitching somehow?


I wasn’t able to find the right pattern to win the fight but I’ve found it now.


Are y’all sure your not romance writers? Cause your doing a damn good job of it.


Another chapter, another review :smiley:

Some things I found while playing:
  • When you ask Cormac to come with you before doing the ritual, there’s a line that goes You know just what you’re asking, and your reflects that. There’s a word missing there.

  • If you ask Izzy to help you with your dexterity Pan overhears and joins in: Given what you know of their background, you suspect they has plenty to teach you, too. Should be have.

Some line_breaks gone rogue:

Now about the story:

"[…]Learning how to punch things better isn’t going to get us through that storm."

"I don’t know. If we could learn how to punch hard enough…"
You made me snort with that one.

  • Izzy threading her fingers with a romanced MC was so adorable. I really liked that she just does it, too --and that Aisling doesn’t initiate the hand-holding with the MC. All ROs approach romance in a very distinctive way, making the replayability factor go up with every new update.

  • And talking about romance, what a great way to write a date with the chosen RO. Aisling’s and Cormac’s didn’t have the weight the other 3 RO’s had (for obvious reasons); but Izzy’s, Pan’s, and Sang’s dates revealed a lot about what each of them is like, what they enjoy doing, and what they want to share with the MC. As someone who gets a kick out of interacting with NPCs and falling in love with them I have to say, you did an excellent job.

  • Also Deaman’s and Pan’s first kiss :heart: Deaman couldn’t help being all sappy, but hey it was the night and the moon and being alone with them on a roof top: everything was too much for my dude. That Sage has him wrapped around their little finger… which has the potential to turn into something catastrophic.

  • The different settings and what they meant to each RO got me thinking; if the MC had to plan a date, what would they do? Personally I head canon Deaman taking Pan down the beach where they can be alone, and singing quietly in their ear --he got defensive when Cormac implied he had a terrible voice, which means Deaman believes himself to be a great singer–. It would be in Teangan, of course. Something his dad used to whistle everytime he came back from a long trip; his parents’ song? Maybe.

  • I’ve notice a rivalry of sorts blooming between Izzy and Pan on this last update. I mean, their ideas are quite antagonistic so it was bound to happen. I’ve decided to help her with her vengeance plot and to burn everything to the ground, and now I want to see what Pan has to say about that --although I’m denying everything if questioned about it: Fire? What fire? It wasn’t me, I wasn’t there…

My stats:

If you are curious. It’s been a while since I showed them to you guys.

Ah yes, thanks for the opportunity to raise that 2 in strength :slight_smile:


Can someone just tell me how to get the secret code?


Oh my god it’s been such a long time since I played this, and playing through the updated WIP was an absolute delight. I love how politically and morally complex this is; also, Sang is my bae and I/MC would lay down my/her life for him. He’s so precious, awkward and genuine and all! I just wonder what exactly he told Tullas about the Iskendi visit and how loyal exactly he is to her and the Empire. Are his loyalties divided or is he a reaaaaally good actor around MC? Mmmhhh… Especially since I’d expect Sang to be the last to be dishonest.


Does anyone else get Cullen (from Dragon Age) vibes with Sangarinus? Both serious fighters with an awkwardness when it comes to romance. Sang has curly hair and Cullen’s nickname is “Curly”. :grin:


Wow this was fantastic. The demo was much longer then I initially dared hope. Loved the story, loved the characters. Can’t wait till it comes out and I can see how it all plays out.


I am late to the party but I get to smooch Pan so everything is okay


I’ve tried the Pan romantic route (with a stoic, stubborn MC, so they could clash as opposites), but it’s not really my thing. Sang is obviously my LOVE, and the other two ROs I find interesting are Cormac and Izzy. (Aye, I have a thing for the troubled-fighter-type.) The others don’t really seem to grab me. :woman_shrugging:t2:


I am a sucker for the sass master and actually a disaster kind of characters so hence why Pan is my current go to :))

Overall, I’m very excited to see where things go! Plot wise things look to be shaping up. Kind of the calm before the storm feels right now. I’m not sure if that’s the intention exactly but it’s getting to the meatier side of the plot and I’m really hyped to see what the artefact is/can do

[Like how much of it is myth and fact]


@Phoenix_Wolf I’m glad to hear it, haha. Neither of us considers ourselves romance writers, but I think we’re both pretty happy with how most of those have gone so far. We hope to keep everyone satisfied.

@pimenita Thanks for the review (and the stats!) as always. We’ll do our best to make sure the MC gets to direct some part of activities with the RO at some point, and not just be taken along with whatever the partner has in mind.

@LOL_Interesting I’m assuming you’re referring to Orlan’s journal, and cracking it? It shouldn’t be too hard once you have it, you just can’t do it on Lentia. Once you return to Tarracina you just need to devote your efforts to it over the other projects, and you’ll get it.

@mistylavenda I think the first time this occurred to me was when I noticed how some (well, most) of our players reacted to him. He definitely fits that sort of archetype, and has a similarly ravenous following, haha.

@AbbyMcGonagall I’m glad at least a few of them are appealing to you! We tried to be quite diverse with the character design, so everybody would be drawn to something. Some have definitely ended up more popular than others, but overall we’re pretty satisfied so far.

@squarelyblue It definitely is a relative calm point in the story, but we’re rapidly approaching the point where it ramps up!


I appreciate all of them, the character design is on point! Especially since somehow all of them have depth. That’s amazing.

Which ROs are the popular ones then? Haven’t stalked long enough to know that.