Diaspora (WIP) - Updated 12.22.18



While we do plan to track some lies individually, most of the time the choices are ambiguous between honesty and deception (they’re choices about what to say or do, not choices about what your intentions are). In these cases, there will still likely be different consequences depending on what happens later. For example, if you string Adriana along in such a way as to earn a lot of approval and friendship with her, and then later defect to the Iskendi, fairmath means that the same % hit to her approval will do more damage to someone who has a lot of it to begin with, nicely reflecting the insult on top of the injury, so to speak.

It’s also highly likely that there will be some dialogue/action variants based on how much approval one had before the betrayal: she’ll act differently if she trusted you somewhat than she will if she’s totally not shocked by the decision. So while in most cases we won’t be tracking individual lies, we’ll certainly be accounting for the patterns, and how surprising the NPCs would find the PC’s actions based on what they’ve said and done previously!


Oh, wow, I love this concept. It’s so incredibly dynamic. I can’t wait to see how it plays out!


Nice game and this is not short demo. Game is good. I enjoyed it. I would like to go in details but i do not know if i should. If you got need of beta tester for next part. I’m happy


Which romance will benifit me the most and provide me with the most advantages?


I don’t think that’s a particularly applicable question. By which I mean: in terms of game advantage, any benefit that comes about as a result of being close with someone can be gained by being close friends with them. So if we’re talking material/strategic benefit, you’re not looking at any significant differences depending on your choice of RO.


Would it benefit me more if i romance someone rather than nobody?


I mean, I guess that depends on what you mean by benefit. Will there be more plot coupons, fancy items, or assistance on checks? No. But I dunno—if you think depth of character interaction is a benefit, there will presumably be some difference on that front.


I have been following this for some time now and I stay on the low with regards to comments but every time I re-read it has me just wanting more and more. I honestly can’t get enough… Great work guys, I felt genuinely immersed in the character with the decisions that were to be made. The language used is good and to be honest when this is fully released I think it could easily stand up against any of the other major series.

Just keep writing until the end of your days so that we can enjoy this story… please? lol

Nah, serious note it is great and I have loved it. Can’t wait to see it fully released so you guys can get the credit you deserve.


I’m torn between wishing I found this game sooner and being grateful that there is so much content that I did not have to wait on. You guys are doing such a great job, I can’t wait to see what happens next!

Really, that cliffhanger has me broken. I don’t want to be too open on the off chance that it’s emotional manipulation (still, this is a major background/plot point that we have no other source for so I guess it’s the truth?) but my heart jumped at the mention.

I’m not used to persuading so many people of so many things, which had me triple checking my stats. The experience was refreshing though… The fight mechanics were also really interesting, It took me a bit to figure out that my stats were not suitable for a to the death match and my PC’s honour had to be maintained so I had to settle for the toned down result. Still highly satisfying though.


I just finished the demo and omg that cliffhanger I’m really invested!!! I’m really enjoying not only the story but also all the companions of the MC, theyre very interesting and have very different personalities. I would like it if the game had a tumblr where people could ask more questions about the game and its characters (and also share fanart of course) or in case that the game already has a somewhat of a page could someone link me to it?


To be honest, we hadn’t really considered the possibility of a tumblr page before; as it turns out, neither of us really knows the first thing about how to make tumblr work. But we made an attempt, so there’s now an official Diaspora blog. We figure that the main difference will be in spoiler level and focus; the blog probably won’t tag spoilers or anything, whereas here we’ll do our best to avoid them. I dunno; I guess we’ll see if there’s even any interest and what people are inclined to do with it.

But if anyone happens to be interested, we’ve got our wee little page up and running here: https://diasporatheblog.tumblr.com/

We could hardly say we expect fanwork of any kind, but if it did happen to spring into existence at some point in time, we’d be thrilled to know/see. :slight_smile:

Thanks again for all the feedback, guys; the response continues to be pretty overwhelming. We’re super glad you’re playing along as we write, and it’s incredibly motivating to know you have high expectations for us!


Hello again, friends!

Good news: Chapter 5 is finished and ready to be played. We did our best not to keep you all hanging on that cliff for too long, and there’s quite a bit of other content to dig through here as well. There’s a pretty high number of ways for the chapter to turn out, actually, something that’s always kind of a pain to write, but we want to make sure everyone is able to stay true to their characters, and railroad as minimally as possible.

We hope you enjoy the chapter as always, and look forward to hearing your feedback. A character-focused interlude is coming up next.

As a reminder, we do have a tumblr up now for Diaspora! We’ve been answering questions almost daily since we made it, and it’s been a really fun way to interact with you guys about the story. The link is right at the top of the thread, and also in the post right above this :slight_smile:


happy to see you did take my comments in consideration :slight_smile:, i love to see that we can lie to Adriana now, will keep reading the update and see if there is any other choice id like to see or something like that hehe

(im really liking the new chapters :hugs:)

i guess maybe you can add

1ª a choice to tell meryem that her brothers death was because adriana forced us to fight.
2ªa choice to not take the castulians to meet the Iskendi general from the start.

but i really dont mind the choices that are there since are pretty close to what i did think. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
good work guys,

something that i will like in the future is to be more agressive when someone try to make us do things with force or intimidation, kind of like what Adriana did, id like for my mc that have intimidation as his skill to be more agressive if someone threaten him. ( " Keep threatening me and you will find that same dagger in your back , Adriana :wink:"


This story is really fun! Looking forward to seeing more.


Pan cares and this affects me greatly? Or at least it seems they care and I genuinely hope that’s the case ;A;


Think I found a typo; in the beginning of the next chapter, I saw this

Thing is, I agreed to talk to him onboard the ship at the end of chapter 4.

Aside from that, I do like that the intrigue of this game is gradually increasing and I hope to see this through.


So retrieving this Mcguffin and probably deciding its ownership is going to be our Main Quest, then?

The interaction between Pan and the Iskendi are intriguing. Can’t wait to ask about it; though I don’t doubt their ability to deflect if they so wish.


That is… quite odd. This issue may be arising because I had to change the name of the variable for that, which involved going back and editing chapter 4 as well. I just double-checked, though, and it looks like everything’s in the right place now.

Thanks for pointing it out!


Gut feel: the Iskendi killed a loved one of Pan’s hence why their grudge is very personal

Or if not some other equally angsty backstory for them :))

Bugs and all that jazz

The bug MIGSey pointed out is still there. I was on the ship but the game acts as if we’re on the island.

“We neither asked nor demanded that he do this. It was his own initiative. We were grateful, to be sure, but our hospitality was never conditional on Orlan risking his live. Never.”


and large loaks of Pan’s black hair have long since fallen loose from their tidy braid.


Hope you guys don’t mind I took a peek at the code…

#"You killed him for this artifact—and now you're planning to kill me as well?"
	"No." For once, the word has no genteel gilding. It is hard, and direct. "I lost a friend that day, difficult as you seem to find that to believe. It is not losing a parent, but it is nothing I take lightly. And I certainly do not intend your death, either. The choice of what to do with this information is entirely yours—and it was never meant to be otherwise."
	*set ai_agree %-5

Shouldn’t there be a *if not (private_conversation) before the *set ai_agree %-5?

About the story
  • So first I went through the spell --while not trusting Baltazar, lying to his face and getting away with it because my Deaman is a little snake–. Seeing MC’s dad and feeling what he felt those last moments pulled at my heartstrings. Thanks for making me tear up over a character I know nothing about.

  • Then I decided not to do the ritual, and going for the cache instead. Dad’s knives. Yup, that’s what I’m picking from now on.

  • Pan standing between the couple and the MC. They trust these guys and their weird magic so little, they won’t turn their back to the mages for a second. What did the Iskendi do to them? And whose ass I need to kick because of it

  • Additionally: more Pan yas. My MC wants to run his fingers through their hair so bad u_u


It’s embarrasing just how much time it took me to realize what you did there… in my defence puns are an affront to mankind and you should be ashamed of yourselves.

Can’t wait for that intermission :hugs: