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Would y’all mind if I put an image of how I see my Mc?


Of course not! This thread is for you guys to discuss whatever you want about the game. We’re definitely happy for the feedback, but that need not be the only thing that happens here. Feel free to compare MC notes or post art, or whatever you like. :slight_smile:


Alright! I don’t time to draw so I made this with a creater

This a comparison of my Mc, Isla, before and after she left her homeland. Wearing mostly furs all her life she had a hard time adapting to the new weather. Isla finally gave in and started wearing fewer layers and showing more skin. She kinda went a little overboard when going through the residences’ houses on the island… she really likes shiny things:
“Isla, stop stealing all the jewelry.”
“Come on Cormac! They’re so shiny!”
“One of your strengths is sneaking up on people. HOW ARE YOU GOING TO DO THAT IF YOU ARE ALWAYS JINGLING?!”
“Screw you! You’re my boyfriend, YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO TREAT ME WITH NICE THINGS!”

Haha, they’re so cute. Isla takes on the role leader and diplomate. Diplomate more than ever because of her silver tongue and wants to avoid violence as much as possible. Her personality is both professional yet welcoming, don’t want to burn bridges that haven’t been built. As observed above, the main ro is Cormac but Sangarinus is a close second.


Out of curiosity, what are the ages of the characters?


Hmmm I’m loving this game so far BUT while I was playing, I made a save at the negotiations to check out other options and now it takes me to the stat screen whenever I try to load it?? And it’s the same with other saves, too. Like it’s not that, I can replay it easily but STILL.


That happens when the author edits the scenes. The saves are trying to load old txt files. You have to start over, sadly there’s no way around it.


Ahhhhhh that makes sense. Thanks.


@thegreatlorddragon According to the tumblr, Aisling is in her “very early” twenties. The PC, Izzy, and Cormac and Sangarinus are all mid to late 20, and Pan is just over 30. Baltasar is in his mid 40s, and Roise, Daghan, and Adriana are all in their late 40s to late 50s.

@AugustArria Sorry, my fault for being unclear; I was asking if the choice of what to steal was purely about establishing that your PC was the kind of person to prefer a lyre to a sack of cash or a sword to jewelry or if there’s going to be a scene where there’s a problem and Izzy is like, “Well, now that you mention it, I do have this (X) here. Maybe we could use that?”

@Kurokiku Yeah, fair enough. I just thought “I’ve been aware of the possibility, probably longer than you have.” sounded oddly pointed if she just meant that a same-sex or otherwise infertile match was a possibility.

I don’t know if it’s whatever you did or if I made a tiny but significant different choice on the last playthroughs but I can now take both Aisling and Sangarinus with me. They were both delightful. Little typo on the page where Sangarinus agrees to come; “All right,” he says, a touch of reluctance remaining. “I’ll help you. If only to make sure this doesn’t go much worse thank you seem to think it will.”

I’ve played totally through I don’t know how many times and I still occasionally find some bit that I’ve just never had the right combination of attributes and choices to have pop up. I think I’d played a dozen times before Sangarinus told his aunt he thought my PC had a right to stay in the room. Is that game-changing information? No, not really, but I have a crippling addiction to flavor text, so I enjoy seeing every possible outcome. And playing with Pan as the romance option gives me a majorly different view of things than if I hadn’t. Mostly by making me a lot more paranoid. There are a lot of almost regretful sighs and things almost said in the “Romancing Pan while trying to be politically neutral while super-earnest” playthrough.


What you steal is always a gift for Izzy. Some gifts give more friendship points than others. If you pay attention to what she tells you about herself you know what to pick to make her truly happy. I did :slight_smile:


I play as a cis man romancing Aisling and get the same option. Is the same logic (i.e. that one of us could theoretically be disinterested in children or have fertility issues) at work here?


Yep, same logic. With Aisling there’s also the possible issue of magic, since the Cine see it as inherited (and it does tend to recur in families). The future Chief’s future heir being a mage would complicate things.

@BrownBetty I might have to revisit Roise’s exact response. I wrote it the way I did because I see her as someone who would have been able to pick up on all/most (?) of these potential future things as her kid was growing up, and already decided she’s fine with whatever, if that makes sense. In the same-gender couple case, she’s implying that she had a pretty good guess MC was at least sometimes attracted to people with whom they could not procreate. If it’s a health issue, she probably talked to healers about it and knows because of that, and so on and so forth.

And Pim’s right about the gifts thing. If that scene isn’t coming up for you, I need to look through the code again. Unless your question was meant to be “will it have any relevance beyond that one scene?” in which case, no idea yet. We tend to reuse existing details if a situation comes up, but we definitely don’t have anything planned down to quite that precise a T.


Late review is late.

Izzy's quest (nitpicking):
  • So, the first time I asked Aisling to come along, she didn’t want to, but that was a bug you fixed later on. On that first run however, I realized the text you use to inform the player how MC and Izzy will go about the quest is the same you presented before. Maybe putting a variable there to track if this is the first time the guys are laying out the plan to whomever they want to bring along would be a good idea, so if number 1 doesn’t agree, number 2’s text could be something like: Since [name1] didn’t want to come, you tell [name2] about the plan.

  • I think it would be better if you don’t use disable_reuse when the player has to pick what to steal from Esdras’ place. This way we can read what each thing is before deciding what to do, and the option that came before won’t be grayed out once we go back to the choice menu.

  • “It’s just…” Should be on another line.

  • Small typo: She shrugs hr shoulders.

Izzy's quest (story):
  • You warmed my shipper heart when Izzy got protective of Aisling while speaking to Sev. My precious Izling, so pure, so precious.

  • I was going to burn everything to the ground and watch, but when I realized how different things play out if Aisling is in the party, I changed my mind and let Izzy decide. The text that comes after that is gold, shipper gold.

  • Even though science has proven everything is better when you throw Pan into the mix, I chose not to bring them with me this time. My Deaman is not going to show them he enjoys spilling blood just yet, guys. That crap is at least third-date material.

Other story related stuff:
  • 07%20so%20deaman
    Roise answer is priceless. She also draws a parallel between Orlan and Pan that I love.

  • Chief Mom hugged me, making me 50% happier. (Chief Mom is also canon now, and that’s so neat)

  • Being able to choose just how experienced MC is, is great. My Deaman has huh some experience xD but somehow I believe Pan can still teach him new tricks.

  • The letter Pan received might have something to do with their personal quest? Maybe? (That letter made them sniff, they sniff when something bothers them)

  • to get everyone under your command together for some moderate drinking the night before you sail for the unknown.” Pff yeah, I totally relate; it’s always moderate drinking until you’re singing karaoke with no idea how you ended up there.

  • That choice is awesome. You two want to break my MC’s brain.

  • “Why hello there,” they say, the words innocuous but the tone quite sly. They trail a finger up your spine to the nape of your neck, dragging their fingertips softly along the skin there until their arm is thrown companionably over your opposite shoulder. Well, someone else wants to break my Deaman too.

  • Drunk Aisling is too damn cute.

Did anything changed on tumblr? I can’t comment on asks people send you u_u


Thank you for the detailed comment as always, Pim :slight_smile:

I think we can get most of those points taken care of, in hindsight I agree using disable reuse is likely not the best option. As for the tumblr, we haven’t changed any settings or anything in a long time, so I’m not sure what’s up there.


Hey y’all,

Quick housekeeping question: are people who are encouraging the relationship between Izzy and Aisling getting a scene about it just before they give Izzy whatever they stole from Esdras’s place? Not to put too fine a point on it, but there’s been enough support for the ship that we were expecting some comment or other on that scene, and the dearth is making us wonder if the numerical requirements for triggering it are too high, and therefore people are not even seeing it.


Oooohhh I got it. For some reason the screenshots are not showing in my post :roll_eyes: The comment about you breaking my MC has to do with the first option when we catch our girls kissing. That reaction is so my MC.


Cormacs conversation goes into Sangarinus’


Could you explain this in more detail? Which conversation is sliding this way?


Choosing to go on Issy mission


@Phoenix_Wolf That’s very peculiar; I couldn’t get myself to have the same error when I went through those options. I’ve just updated the file, so if you’re still getting it, I’d appreciate knowing more about the exact choices you made. Were you intending to take the aggressive or sneakier approach?

@pimenita: Thanks for the notes as always. I did just now add a slight difference in the text if the MC is asking someone after having already been turned down at least once, but it doesn’t change again for twice, etc. Hopefully that’s not too much of an issue for most folks!


I can’t rememver really but based on the mission outcome I think sneaky. Does being interacting with both males romantically effected it? Cuase that did happen too when when I talked to Rosie too.