Diaspora (WIP) - Updated 10.04.20

I guess I’m a bit biased because I went looking behind the curtain? There are some things that she will agree to no matter what (verbally, at least) and some things that can only be gotten through the eye (the whole island, embassy, complete trust)


Ah I see. I didn’t ask the whole archipelago but I asked for northern islands and she agreed to that; promised to get those on paper as well.


Loved the update <3

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love the game! I played Cormac’s route and loved it :slight_smile:

will there be more intimate scenes w/ ur RO? I loved those with Cormac


Ah, thank you for this note. I think I might’ve just forgotten to do that for the empire bit, which may in turn feed somewhat into your issue with not being able to gain ground without giving up the Eye. I’ll look into this some more!


That negotiation with Tullas was exceedingly entertaining. Trying to wring out the best deal possible while maintaining sovereignty of the Cine is everything I want in terms of weighty decisions I look for in RPGs and civ-building stories.


I did not expect this ‘demo’ to be so long… It’s a whole game already and I was very impressed. Did not know what to expect since I just randomly clicked on a wip on dashingdon. So vikings-difficult decision making-uncharted was a surprise! And I cared about the characters - all of them. Meaning I will replay this :kissing_heart:

Cormac, come back I can change for you :cry:


Oh my god. I’m playing through it for the first time and… the story of how Pan and Sangarinus met is SO FUNNY. I literally laughed out loud.

Fig, anyone?

In other news, a little bit of feedback: in chapter 8, when the magical creature thing made by Torzun showed up, it asked me why I’d had Sangarinus donate blood. I didn’t do it because of any of the three options; I did it because he seemed less injured than me. I’d recommend adding that as an option. :slight_smile:


Alright I have to say it. This. Was. AWESOMEEE!! Not just that but it’s very polished and just magnificent to read. I’m still not done yet but I better take a small break for the time being to actually get some work done :joy: cant procrastinate forever!

But in all seriousness you should be proud! This is amazing :smile::+1: