Diaspora (WIP) - Updated 10.04.20

Happy to report that we’ve got a real update for everyone! Chapter 10 is playable now, and we’ve also updated the quick-start/chapter select feature so players can jump ahead right to it if they want to. It’s been… a long summer and a difficult update, but we’re happy to have some new content for everyone to play.

One thing worth noting is that the gameplay balance of these negotiations is not set in stone and open to change with player feedback. We want to achieve some equilibrium of Adriana/Baltasar being capable and pressuring the player effectively, while not making things unfair on the player’s side, or making them seem like pushovers. We’d love to hear your impressions in that area, and see where we can improve.

So, welcome back, and we hope you enjoy the update. We’re looking forward to pushing onwards, and getting ever closer to the end of the game.


It’s 4am and I am panicking because it’s hard to pick between sleep or new diaspora content :sob: Thank you for the update!!!


Definitely pick sleep haha. The new content will still be there when you wake up! :slight_smile:


I hope I made the right decisions in this chapter, but I honestly don’t know. I want to pursue peace and a measure of neutrality, but I need some sort of ‘big stick’, as Teddy Roosevelt would call it, to actually attain those, which is why I decided to keep the Eye. At the same time, though, I felt I had to do something to get Baltasar on my side and not attack me later, which is why I offered to borrow the Eye to him for him to attack that city he so desperately wants.

Honestly though, I have no idea if I made the right decisions. Kudos to the writers because most stories or RPGs that make me try to make decisions are very straightforward and easy for me, but this has some of the most difficult dilemmas I’ve ever faced in fiction.


I don’t know if this happens only on my playthrough but when I play I always save at important choices to see the impact and for several times it was okay but then when I clicked load I ended up being taken to stat page and I couldn’t go back to the story.

Has this happened to anyone?

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That’s normal. You save multiple times, you get redirected to the stats screen. That’s a quirk of dashingdon.


I think @Anathema had tips on avoiding this on her Tumblr page once, lemme find it…


unfortunately, I’m pretty sure it’s a problem with dashingdon… I’ve had the same issue with other games hosted on it, so it’s not unique to Diaspora.

what’s helped me with the issue is saving in a new file every time we have a choice, and loading the new save immediately to ensure it sticks. in the event that it doesn’t, you can at least go back to your previous save and make the same choice again.


Thanks @moonfungus @Jender @lachrimoso for the response.

I have replayed 3 times and ended at around the same part, it’s frustrating. At least now I know how to avoid it. Unfortunately for awhile I could no longer save multiple playthroughs. My latest save always override the previous no matter what slot that is. I’d have to replay from the beginning again.



The negotiations with Adriana (didn’t run the Iskendi path yet) are meant to be that way or maybe you missed a disable_reuse?

At some point I asked for the whole archipelago and she went with only the northern part because of not crapport > 4. Then I had the chance to play again the part about about the auxiliary fleet and I chose again for the second time in a row “auxiliary fleet”. At this point I think the crapport added itself because I could play yet again the “archipelago” option and this time she let me keep the entirety of it.


The plot thickens :smiley:

One tiny thing, as @CrappyBanana pointed out, if you give the eye to Adriana, you can keep choosing the options to talk about the eye, about the land, and the embassy forever.

So of course, anything that gets me more time with Pan “is plenty beneficial”, but since I’ve been working on separating Sang from the military, would turn him into the ambassador act as the way out he wants? Because I’d love to have Pan on Divio, but I think they can work something out by themself if push came to shove, while I feel like Sang needs help. My question is, would choosing Sang as the ambassador cut me off of more time with Pan? Because I like the big guy, but Pan is my priority.

Also, I know there’s a bunch of flags tied to how he responds and I have no idea if he would’ve said yes anyway :sweat_smile:

Ah, don’t we all?

Not to be that person but is the next update going to be about Pan’s quest? I’m super pumped, you guys.


@pimenita and @CrappyBanana - Agh you’re right; I literally forgot to code in some disable_reuse stuff in the main negotiation menu. Thanks for the bug report; it should be fixed now. :confused:

Also the next chapter will indeed be Pan’s quest. I know a few of you have been waiting very patiently for this one haha. Hopefully I will do it justice.

Well there’s an option for both, but in either case no, it doesn’t necessarily cut you off from time with Pan. I am hoping that those ending details will be influenced by a lot of things, including how the upcoming interlude quest goes. :slight_smile:



It has Pan, it has a quest. It will kick ass, Kiku. @sharknap, our time has come :laughing:

Awesome. Great job as always.


I finally get the time to try Pan’s route, I know it was so overdue. I came to the point where they asked our intention. For my jokester MC, going head first to romance especially with someone she doesn’t know that much isn’t preferable, so picking casual relationship would be better in the beginning. My question is, can that change later on? Will there be a moment when both realizing they want more than just casual hookups?


Typos in chapter 10.

"I would prefer we got down to business. I am sure the import of this is lost on no one here.


Sundered into the sea by the very thing they thougt to see you hand-deliver them


and you suspect no few of them will soon be off to sleep, long as they day has been.



There will definitely be a chance for the tenor of that to change. As I currently have it planned, either Pan or the PC can be the first one to realize they’ve caught feelings, and there may be a few different ways to handle that. :slight_smile:


Maybe we can get a very small bonus to negotiation points if we are on good terms with the leader we side with. I also wanted to ask will the negotiation points be use for anything after this

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An excellent work. Not much else to say, really. Good choices, characters, plot.

At one point I was just uninterested in pursuing the artifact (on the Iskendi island, when heading back), but eventually everything turned out… compelling.

There is a discreet Game of Thrones / ASOIAF inspiration, methinks.
Someone reminds us of a certain perfumed spymaster and is called a mockingbird…
Having a boxing match with a reaver captain feels a lot like Theon punching the lights out of a rebellious Ironborn captain on the beach.

  1. I was surprised I didn’t die horribly. I expected to, it could have even been fun.
    Was I that good / lucky, or is it just difficult to die? Where did you fail, if ever?
    For me the most dangerous part was probably the secret island, but having a Dex/Int-based character going in with Cormac (based on Str) they complemented each other just fine.

  2. I would be most interested in a survey: how many people chose the Iskendi and the Old Way? How many people sided with the Skyrim Empire- I mean, Castulia?
    I sided with the Empire, the occasion to turn these wandering defeated Iron Islanders into something more was too good to pass up. Fleet allies and merchants ahoy!


Just finished negotiations with the General, and she is stone cold.

Regarding rapport points: I noticed that with the Iskendi we get points for how we greet them, but not for the empire? Is that intentional?

Also: we need rapport points to pass checks, and we need checks to get rapport points - and the only way to get enough initial points to pass the first check is to give the Eye to the empire. So either we give the Eye and the general agrees to everything we ask for, or we keep the Eye and the general has the worst reaction to everything.

Maybe that’s her tactic?


I’m allied with empire but keeping the eye he general agrees to most of my request (except the embassy in which she basically said later). I told her that I’m gonna use the eye for non lethal purpose and she seems intrigued by that.