Diaspora (WIP) - Updated 08.06.18



I believe Pan and Sangarinus are the most common choices that we’ve seen (at least in terms of the most vocal feedback). Not sure how Izzy, Cormac, and Aisling rank up after that.

We may or may not be doing a survey at some point to collect some data from our players on questions like this, as we’re extremely curious about a lot of things ourselves.


I’ve seen Sang as the main bae followed by Pan. Someone mentioned Cormac was up there too but I haven’t heard much on Izzy and nothing on Aisling.

Aisling is a grade A waifu. Fight me.


I think the reason not a lot of people romance Aisling, is because not only is she younger than the MC, you’re- like- in charge of her. Which I think makes romancing her weird for a lot of people, me included. Being someone’s guardian/teacher instantly puts them in the ‘younger sibling I must protect’ category.


If you romance Aisling, the fact that you hold power over her is discussed and handled with a lot of tact. But yeah, I feel that way too: Aisling is my precious child and I must protect her.


Aisling is definitely the best romance. I don’t remember ever reading about her being much younger than the MC. Regardless, she’s too sweet, caring and downright enthralled by the MC to ignore. The dairy entry alone shows how much she’s in love. PS, Cormac is badass.


I like to romance Izzy


@rosemary_and_sage and @pimenita Fair points! I actually totally forgot the MC was older her but it’s all good.


Is there a limit to our stats? My character had the option to study at the library greyed out.


We made the decision to cap player stats at 5, so everyone would’ve had one of the four options unavailable. We talked it over, and decided that it wouldn’t be worth it for the player to raise a stat to 6, as that would only be useful if we were to make a check requiring 6, which would of course only be passable by a small percentage of players, and likely would just be used for flavor things.