Diaspora (WIP) - Updated 03.22.20

as long as you dont reléase the entire game in HTML i dont think anyone in cog staff will have any problem with it, for example if your game is going to have 14 chapters , you can reléase compiled HTML with 6/10 chapters so long as is not the entire game i dont really see the problem i think.
Wayheaven actually reléase the demo in compiled HTML :slight_smile:
its really a shame not many people do this, i hate having to read in pc since i have a very big monitor.

"Your form is off. Not terrible, but not great." IS THAT A CHERNOBYL REFERENCE!!! Or just the PC inner Dyatlov shinning through?

@Kurokiku I don’t know how to describe my experience, but you guys are AMAZING!!! :heart_eyes: I immensely enjoyed the demo and REALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO the full game :heart:


Oh I am falling in love with the lore in this game and the characters are all so likable! Keep up the good work!!


Anything can be a Chernobyle reference if we try hard enough bud

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@Kurokiku @AugustArria i finally did get through the whole game again, after i did have some time now to play again and it was amazing, though i wonder just one thing, i wanted to not ally with either Eiskendy & Castulian, did keep the leviathan and the eye for the clan (for me) yet somehow with the council i was kind of forced to pick a side…i chose iskendi ofc since i hate Adriana and the empire, so i hope in the next chapter we atleast have the choice to remain neutral or maybe if that is too much to ask, maybe just be allies with iskendi but telling them that we will keep the eye and wont be puppets to Baltasar either… also it will be already high time to send back Sanginarious and Pan back to Castulian if we dont tolerate them, id also like a choice like i said in the past to harden aisling (you guys can use the whole shaman thing to make her more inclined to do anything to protect the clan magnus :smiley: )
it was a long and good read, good work guys :slight_smile:

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Hi! Happy New Year! I, err, I’ve been following the game for quite a while and may have sent one too many anons thorugh Tumblr (Thanks for answering my questions!) and I really love the game and it’s characters and story. Sangarinus is a great RO and I’ll fight Adriana for his hand (don’t try me). I’ve been wanting to draw something for this wip since always and since I can’t send one anonymously, here’ my MC:



So yeah, you guys are really cool, I’m your fan, I hope you’re doing well!


Thank you for such a splendid game! The beginning is especially atmospheric, and the Cine character dynamics really got to me!

I’ve ran into a bug, having started at chapter 4. Despite deciding not to do the ritual at the council, my choices were limited to participating in the ritual right after that decision.


Thanks for the feedback! (And welcome to the forums!) We’re of course super glad you enjoyed it. That is a heckin’ weird bug, and I’ll do my best to figure out what’s up with it as soon as I can. Is this something that resulted from doing the “warp to somewhere further ahead” thing at the beginning?


I suppose. Other code-paths in that chapter ought to be better tested by now :slight_smile:

How many chapters is completed the game supposed to be, by the way?

We are aiming roughly for thirteen numbered chapters, but also three more sidequests and at least one more interlude than we have currently.


Hey everyone! Hope you’re all doing okay out there. I come bearing gifts that will hopefully serve as a welcome distraction. Cormac’s quest is playable now!

This is a quest with some pretty crazy variety to it, depending on how the player chooses to handle an issue brought to them by Cormac. A few major scenes are only accessed by taking certain paths, so if you’ve got multiple types of MCs on hand, I’d highly recommend giving this one a few tries. With this quest down, we’ve only got two to go. Sang’s is next, and then we’ll be getting back to the main story before Pan comes last. To add some more good news, we can promise you that Sang’s quest will be arriving some time in mid or late April, so you won’t have to wait much longer for that.

Enjoy the update, we’ll be back with more soon!


Thank you so much! This is such good news and I hope you’re doing well in your part of the world. Waiting for Sang’s part patiently now :smiley:


I really enjoyed Daghan’s reaction to the MC going on the raid with Cormac! Does he tell Chief Mom later or does he keep the mischief the youngins were up to that night to himself?

Also, will Pan and Sangrinus eventually have their suspicions?


Daghan’s definitely keeping this little secret to himself. For now, at least. Time and place for everything, and all that.

And I think they will. Might leave how far those suspicions go up to the actions of the player.