Diaspora - Updated 12 February 2024 [First Draft Complete!]

I’m so excited for the epilogue and for the whole game :sob::heart_eyes:


So, we finally made it.

The Epilogue is playable now!

It certainly felt like the closer to the end we got, the slower our progress became, but the important part is that we did it and we made it and now you can play it. Which means that the entire game is now playable! That feels good to say.

Our next steps are: getting some things edited to get the game polished up, and then get it published and out there for the world to play in its final form. Thank you to everyone that has followed this project over the years, it has meant the world to us.

We hope you enjoy this final update!

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Hope to get the chance to replay this game, this time from start to finish. Fingers cross I get to voice my overall opinion of it (even if it’s from one viewpoint/playthrough)


Can’t wait for this game to be published. Played through a couple months ago. Loved it.


What kind of improvements are you guys thinking of adding before publishing?


Gaaaaah!!! CONGRATS on making it this far with one of my fav stories of all tiiiiiiime!!! Seriously, Happy Valentines Day to us, you rock! :heart:


That’s amazing! What an incredible achievement - I hope you take some time to celebrate and relax a bit before the polishing gets going!


I remember playing this like 2 or 3 years ago and I haven’t touched it since as I wanted to play the entire version when it was released. I’m looking forward to playing it once it comes out


Congrats! This has been bookmarked as one of my favorite and most interesting WIPs for a while and I can’t wait to see it get published.


The plan is mostly to take a look at a few of the most frequent pieces of feedback we’ve gotten and work on those. We’ll be looking at the pacing of the romances in particular, and then a few other bits where the mechanics weren’t working for people or we want to put in a bit more character stuff maybe.

In general, we’re trying not to go overboard; we would like to be able to submit the game for publication soon, after all!

Also, thanks for the support, everyone!



I’m so happy for you both, @Jaybirdy and @AugustArria!

You two have inspired throughout the writing of this project and have always listened to feedback. I am sure you’ll hit all the right notes in your revisions.

All the love :revolving_hearts:


I’ll be honest, some of things never truly made sense in terms of both pacing and interaction.

Like we get the prize, come back and endure 3 interludes that sure add a little more to the characters but don’t really affect anything in the long haul.

Not to mention the lack of actual romance, which sure, for a story driven game it’s all optional and such but still, romances should MEAN something through out. Wasn’t the case here.

In short, while good on the story front, the pacing and events at times seem oddly placed or pointless, not to mention lack of proper romances interactions and such. Nor seeing Pan in a maid outfit… For shame!!!

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no romance scenes? oh :confused: I was going to read it but I’m not a fan of no romance, so thank you for making it clear

I wouldn’t say there’s no romance scenes.

But it is not the main part of the story, nor is it heavily focused on. Have you played Fields of Asphodel? The romance is similar to that where your characters are more pining and in the beginning stages of “Oh, We’re Something More Babes” by the end of it.

The characters will react to being romantically approached by you, and you’ll even have tailored responses from the love interest you focus in on when you go for private walks, or ask them for help. But don’t expect Wayhaven levels of romance. Something more like I, the Forgotten One. You’re close friends on the brink of being more and learning how to deal with that as a story unfolds. There’s flirting, but full-blow romance is the last thing that the characters are worried about lol.


On a personal level, the epilogue was extremely satisfying; there was that feeling of catharsis, of a major story ending and of new ones opening, without feeling like a cliffhanger. On a characterization level, I don’t like how everybody basically disappears and the only interactions you get are with your mother and your RO, Having individual conversations for everybody else would screw with the pacing, but having another party scene, like the one you get before sailing out to the island for the eye, where everybody else just sort of reminisces or talks about how they think things are going to go from now on, I feel like that would be a more satisfying conclusion. The scene where you’re forced to choose between the eye and your mother also, as I think I’ve mentioned before, loses its emotional impact when we find out what happens to her, so I feel like that choice should be permanent, if only because for something that major, the impact has to be painful. Other small critiques, the interludes between the retrieval and the peace conference isn’t as bad as I thought, it’s acknowledged that setting up the conference is going to take time and it makes sense that other things would be happening, so the pacing isn’t bad on that front. I know who you end up with on the island depends on whoever you end with the lowest relationship value, but letting you pick between the lowest two or three, probably two, would add more variability into it, especially if you’re the type of person to befriend everybody And don’t want to keep checking relationship stats to make sure the right ones are low enough. The peace conference itself also feels like in the end, it doesn’t mean much, since you can just decide everything again in the epilogue afterwards, but that at least makes sense because the situation has changed drastically. I like the romance, personally, it’s there, it’s impactful, and it’s threaded throughout the narrative so it doesn’t take over the plot. If we choose to look through our father’s journal, we decode the navigation aid and ship improvements, but it would be nice to know what else he wrote in that journal, Maybe a few snippets of what he wrote like thoughts about his family, plans on what to do with the eye, little things like that.


Congratulations for reaching another major milestone! :partying_face: Wish you both success in the editing round(s), submission, and publication. :books: :muscle:


Is more of an afterthought, but it would be nice for some achievements to be implemented, if only because it can hint at the reader what things are possible and what aren’t and incentivize them more to try to play both sides and play for various different outcomes


thanks for the throughout reply :grin: I did read FoA and liked it, but I do prefer romance driven games, I’m not one for the slow burns :pensive:


How do I manage to continue my relationship with Izzy? She keeps leaving after the final battle😔.