Destroyed Home (WIP TITLE) (UPDATED 8/2/2017)

In 2017, a nuclear war occurred and left the Earth uninhabitable. Radiation from the nuclear war poisoned the air and all parts of the environment.

When people found out that end of world was near, they had built a space station named Hilda. It was taken into space piece-by-piece and gradually built in orbit, approximately 500 km above the Earth’s surface.

But, only a thousand people could live in Hilda.

In order to save more people, they had built a huge bunker. Unfortunately, there were some people who couldn’t managed to get into ship or bunker. Luckily, they managed to survive. They found a very big cave which has fresh water flowing through it.

According to sciences, Earth will be habitable again in 30 years. Since the year is 2048, all of the people are ready to come back home. But, they will face a lot of dangers in Earth.

But the real question is: Will they get along well with one another?


Cave People - Since Bunker People and Hilda People took all of the weapons and technological tools, Cave People have no idea about technology. Only elders know what technology is. They made swords, bows and arrows to protect themselves.

Hilda People - Hilda People have very good technology and best weapons. Technological tools in Hilda helped them to upgrade their weapons. The people in that space station felt safe. However, the rules in Hilda were so cruel. Even small crimes had very bad punishments.

Bunker People - Bunker People have no good technology and weapons like Hilda People have, but they can protect themselves from any danger. They created a happy community in the bunker. The only problem is: their leaderships sucks.

Queen Azalea of Cave People: She’s very powerful and strong leader who people trust so much. She deeply cares about every one of them. She listens to everyone’s problems, tries to help them. That’s what makes her a good leader.

Nick Everett: He’s one of the bunker people. He can be very annoying sometimes, but he’s very smart person.

Nathan Woods: He’s one of Hilda people and also your childhood friend (If you choose Hilda people).

Molly Williams: She’s one of Hilda people and your best friend (if you choose Hilda people)

and more…


  • You can choose your gender and sexuality.
  • You can choose your people.
  • You can be a leader of your people if you can earn people’s trust.
  • You can be the bad guy or good guy of this story.


I know demo is short and everything happens fast. But, don’t forget that you have three days to spend in Cave/Hilda/Bunker before going to Earth. You will get to know RO’s better, find out so many things about your people and their history.

Also, I will update every day!

Let me know if you find error/typo or just mistake in the story. I’m still new to ChoiceScript.

Thank you!

P.s. I will be very glad if you help me about title. I suck at this :smiley:


This is kinda tacky and odd but could you change your title of “Peoples” to “People” or “Characters”.

I know it’s a very odd request but I have OCD with bad grammar being one of my triggers, and frankly it’s just correct grammar. It can be corrected to “People’s” but that’s a possessive and there’s nothing to be possessed in this context.

Again I know it’s weird, but I will read your demo, don’t worry.

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Fixed :slight_smile: Let me know if there’s any grammar mistakes in the story. English is not my first language.

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The Bunker People path doesn’t let me choose a name, they call me “Name”.

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Oh… Well, I will fix that mistake in the next update. Sorry about that.

good story so far (20 characters)

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This sounds similar to the CW show The 100. If you haven’t seen it, it is a pretty good show. A few similarities. It would be interesting to play a game like that.

Are we 11? It says that we know nothing of the outside world (in the Bunker and Hilda path which both call us Name), but it’s only been a little over 10 years since everything happened. Eleven years isn’t a super long time and if we’re calling people in their 20s an elder, it makes it seem like MC Is really young. Is the queen around our age if we are 11?

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Yeah…better change that to 20 or 30 years.

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This reminds me of The 100, which is great, in theory. Hopefully it won’t be a complete replica.

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Tried that method before, and it ended me having headaches. Updating everyday is a heavy duty. I like your story, but I don’t want to stress you up.


Ugh, I always hate when my childhood friend is male, is it possible that we can choose maybe? :thinking:

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The story sounds very interesting and I’ll look forward to playing more, however I agree with @Sophia and believe that updating daily is a heavy duty and could put a lot of pressure on you to release more content. Don’t feel as if you have to update daily, I’m sure we’ll wait for the game no matter how long it takes :grinning:


I found a mistake(coding mistake?)
I already name the robot but mc just call the robot Name.

The story is interesting, I like how mc can be from different side, make me can do analysis of the strong and weakness point of all three People.

I kinda worried about the every day update though, while it is can be good, this also make you stress, so don’t push yourself too much, it’s all.

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I don’t have to update daily, but I want to :smiley:

I just finished the first season and I loved it. I was inspired by that show, but of course, nothing will be same. Game has different story, show has different story.

First, I made it 40 years then thought how people can survive 40 years in cave? Then I and it 10 years, but forgot to change the story a little bit.

The best choice is 30 years, I think.

You have Molly! :smile:

I watched the first season and I liked it. I was inspired by that show :slight_smile:

Let me know if there’s any error or typo. I tested it, but there can be something that I didn’t notice.

As I was playing I got a pop-up for an error when I played as a Bunker Person. I picked to go to the library then read about history, then when I tried to go to the bar it errors.

Found error when trying to save:

here is some ideas a tab to show your relations to other factions and maybe your popularity in your faction and maybe could we get a idea how much people live in the cave and bunker

Yes, but I’ll probably romance her and we don’t need some boy following us around like a lost puppy :unamused:

Until Lexa died …bastards :rage:

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