Derek Metaltron's CYOA Book Cover Thread


Sort of a core thread for me to stick up my numerous book cover ideas for movies, games, tv shows and other ideas which in some parallel universe CYOA elected to turn into game books for our reading pleasure! First up is a remaster of the one I started with two years back (and probably the only one I still want to actually write as a CYOA) where you make choices as Spider-Man in the 2006 Civil War comic event…

Then the one I uploaded yesterday on the games thread, based on the story mode for Dragonball Fighterz…

And finally today’s little project, one for 2008’s Iron Man! I love the artwork for this (it was made for the 10th Anniversary Art of Iron Man cover) and assuming I can locate similar stuff I would like to do CYOA covers for all the MCU films…

That’s it for now! Feel free to post any suggestions if there’s a CYOA style cover you would like to see and I’ll consider it! :smiley:


A little early code preview from the DBZ one?

The most powerful being in the history of the universe has appeared before you.  Easily twice as powerful as the last most powerful being from the previous chapter; that guy was a total chump by comparison.  This one is the strongest being ever imaginable or conceivable, and will remain that way until three seconds after you defeat it.  What's your first move?
    #Charge up power by shouting continuously for two episodes
    #Get beat within an inch of your life and reveal you were holding back your true power the whole time.
    #Get Master Roshi to make it uncomfortable with his sexual harassment.
    #Die.  It doesn't matter, dying is like getting a parking ticket here.


HA! That sums up Dragonball nicely. But definitely the first choice. Bowel evacuation, as my mother used to call it… :stuck_out_tongue:

(Is it bad I have considered doing covers for other DBZ stuff?)


Oooh can I make a request of Marvel’s God Emperor Doom and Battleworld?


So 2015’s Secret Wars? I loved that storyline so sure!


Didn’t think I would manage two in one day but hey, it’s my favorite MCU film to date…

I figured with this and several other stories a reader would want to play as one of multiple characters so I assumed that Thor, Hulk, Loki and Valkyrie would be the most logical options. Would probably mean you get to learn some things about them offscreen, like how Hulk was managing before Thor showed up or Loki’s antics on Asgard…


You wait ages for one and then… but hey, this is probably my favorite modern game with my favorite female protagonist in Video Games (played by the lovely Ashy Burch), so I was not not gonna do this one. Happy with how they turned out actually. :slight_smile:


Every day without an announcement for Horizon 2 is a slightly sad one. :disappointed: