I must go my way, It pains me to leave behind the fun things I’ve done and the friends I’ve made here… But I must leave this site the games I was working on are not going to be made. I will miss many people dearly. I may return one day but I can’t say yes or no if I will. Please everyone take care keep making games and share the joy of it. To @Shintaro , @HeroMaster , @TwilightSamurai I will miss you most of all you have all been great to hang around with take care guys.

Goodbye I wish you all luck and that you have fun in the future. ~O)


Why must you leave?


@2Ton It’s just what I need to do. I wish I could explain but It’s not that easy.


@Henry_de_awsome Oh Okay, I feel like I understand a bit. I hope you return soon.


Your near-finished, socially progressive game will be missed.


Screw the game we’re gonna miss Henry