Demon: Recollect (WIP) UPDATE



no shame here just embrace your imagination everyones got a weird imagination wheather they wanna believe it or not :slight_smile:


By imagination, do you mean fantasies?


Means the same thing.


It doesn’t mean the same thing in that context :stuck_out_tongue:


They both make perfect sense in that context? :thinking:


both have you ever have a weird idea in your head that was part of your imagination plus fantasies our created through imagination


also i think we should stay on topic which is this great wip that we all love


I feel like this is one of the most popular WIPs here 20K+ views in a month


How do I check the views? I feel like it’s right in front of me, but I guess I’m a blind mofo.

@cocomallowmocha I had an idea about the cough wierd cough flirt/relationship dynamic s


It’s right under the first post



Sorry about that, didn’t mean to make you wait. :tired_face:


it ok man take all the time you need


I kinda get a meliodas vibe from this mc lol. Too op, some demon-blood bs and a missing sword… :thinking:


its fine your story is worth the wait and you also need to look after yourself sometimes


just read the rewrite i like where your going with it from what i read and from what you wrote before the story started cant wait to see more but in saying that if you need to take time off do it rest and recover nobody should have to push themselfs to hard :slight_smile:


Hi, the new story seems very interesting too, good luck rewritting :smile:


And i found those


and this, it says: “Max glances at the mess…” but we don’t know that his name is Max, we weren´t introduced to each other yet.
This text will be blurred


Liking the rewrite. I’m guessing the abrupt stop after Selena finds you getting lost is the end of progress so far?


I’m already done with chapter 2 lol

I’m still editing it