Demon: Recollect (WIP) UPDATE



I’m gonna put all of the suggested doggos…
Pllayer’s choice


I forgot what breed it is but cujo


I like that idea


I dont think that would be sensible…

How bout these

Small dog
Medium dog
Big dog


Less of a pain…
About breed … lets just say he/she is a cute lil mutt mc and whisper found roaming the streets. Or adopted in a shelter, me likes first better though.

Maybe just around same size as a cocker, i mean you found the dog on the streets and its going to follow you regardless or whisper will scold you and take it if you dont sooo…



If you want you could let us choose the color of the coat and some details for us to add.





Mybfirst dog was one when i was a 3 yo. :blush:



Yes, that would be a pain the ass… just gonna put a medium size doggo?


Having set size(s) would make it easier to write the scenes with the dog. I mean some thing that work great for a big dog like mastiffs or lab might sound weird for a small/tiny one.

So yep. My opnion. Set size best. Maybe make it so there is a reason why its not choosable. Like up there :point_up::eyes:

As for the size. Its your call really. Maybe make a poll if you cant decide? Id rather you decide the easier for you but you call.



It’s just a puppy tho. You know, it’s not a bloody werewolf.


RLY??? I thought it was going to morph into godsin…
:sleepy: dissapointment

Jks aside.
Was going to ask earlier
But forgot

Why u adding a dog anyway?



I have no idea, does it really matter?



Nichijou _ episode somenumber



What the fak, hahahah. What the fak is that? hahajha


I have no idea, does it really matter? :blush:





No he survives worse


Ehh?? Gust/Gale’s character is going to be different??
Oh well… I’m curious to see how a rival-ish Gust/Gale is going to turn out with my love-shy MC. That would interesting.:joy:




I think I threw away a scene where the MC meets Gust/Gale.
I think G was bragging about how great they are, then the MC had the option to knock them off of the roof or just walk away like nothing happened. Then G declares MC as their rival and stalks them.

Not sure If I threw it away or not.


see you space cowboy


Like my profile pic?


Sooo… does that mean that they’re going to be hostile every time they interact with the MC, or is it like what it is right now? Cause… you know, i was really starting to like being called master. ahem please dont judge me.