Demon: Recollect (WIP) UPDATE



What about wolves?


What about a hell hound, after all the MC is a demon


But we already have Gale for that.




Now this is cruel…
…but I like it! :joy:


In the end, can i kill the ROs I don’t pick? Blur and Ember


has anyone suggested a pitbull? they are sweet silly babies who need more love in this world


Interesting. Gust/Gale went from “I love the floor you stand on” to an enemy.


siberian husky or pitbull is my two ideas


Hell why not just make a mutant dog :hushed:


I did :slight_smile:


a fellow pitbull lover! :hugs: Corgis are also a good choice! especially if we can have them wear doggy goggles612e7b24625481ef3f12fa885c20322f-road-trip-the-road


What! Guys, our mc has literally killed tens of thousands of people and a whole kingdom i dont think these cute little fluffy dogs will do! I vote for a chihuahua.


the MC is already a killing machine if we partner with a chihuahua that would just be too much uncontrollable power :o


What about a Doberman or a Pointer :thinking::dog:


Caucasian Shepherds for the win




Image result for caucasian shepherd


Image result for caucasian shepherd


Oh sweet jesus, yes. Giant fluff bear dog


What about the tibetan mastiff as its used by local tribes of Tibetans to protect sheep from wolves, leopards, bears, large mustelids, and tigers


Ooh ooh a Doberman Pinscher


I have another offer





Chow Chows