Demon: Recollect (WIP) UPDATE



That’s illegal…


Can alreary imagine whisper, been draged around taking the dog for a walk.


Hey @Bathala. How bout a Bloodhound.?


@charaznable Why the hell would there be a bear in an Urban area?
Please, just a doggo. Is all I ask.
@Hearts Any doggo breeddo will do


A belgian shepherd



Eww, what is that. Jk


Golden retrievers are like the cutest dogs.


What about a corgi?


Or maybe a PittBull if you want a stronger dog :dog2:




Keep the pics hidden, some users aren’t fond of scrolling down. :neutral_face:


but i want a cat pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


He said only doggos


Yeah, I’m not exactly a dog person, been afraid of them since child. But if its cat tho…


Cats are useless. All they do is sleep :frowning:


I doubt that dog breed matters in history that such something as
Mc find a

  • Other -> Write the animal


Personally I’m more of of cat person too, but if I couldn’t have a cat dogs are pretty great too, and my vote is still firmly on rottweilers!


Uploading: Ux-jOj3sO8lg1caBvZdEh0wVbcmgCr2SyY1Ly2AWdAY-1.jpg…



Labrador retriever

Uploading: images-7.jpg…




But…golden retrievers :heart_eyes:


What about a fox? they are like dogs and a little bit like cats, and you can buy them.


Omg yes




I love Foxes but just dogs means just dogs. I think if the author believe dogs are the best (for this story) or just have the most fun with writing a dog we schould accept it. So please stop suggest other animals.


If its a dog i can think a way for you to add it to the story.