Demon: Recollect (WIP) UPDATE



I’m actually rewriting it mate, but thanks!

Anyway, tell me what kind of puppy you’d like. I’ll only use one for I am an asshole. So, go ahead and suggest if you want.




Siberian Husky


I’ll take a beagle or a pug. How bout other kinds of pet though? A cat or a freaking chicken will also do for me.


No cat or chicken, no cows either. Dog is life. Most liked breed will win.

Yes, yes. Let them fight


How about a rottweiler puppy?


I would also like a wolf


Why would there be a wolf in an Urban setting?


Y not Rob a zoo r something


Nope, not happening. :I


Ah fine then a Siberian Husky they look like wolf’s


Fiberian Huthky
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Looks like a demon dog red eyes and everything


Seriously, who doesn’t want one of these?!



Gsd or an aussie.
Or a fox



Yep, she is adorable


Maybe an akita?There know for there loyalty and intelligence.


A lab ? Loyal and docile(most likely)



Golden retriever


Can we have a bear instead of dog?