Demon: Recollect (WIP) UPDATE



I’m actually gathering beta testers, you’re included in the list. I think… I forgot where I put the note…


As long as Whisper is in it, I’m in.
(And Kate too)


Whisper is in it, one of the first ROs that you’ll meet.


hmmmm can we request to be beta testers?


Yes, yes. :+1:


Can I? .-.


Just PM me if you want to. I’ll only need 10, and I think I have 3? 4? Already


Hey, man. Love the game so far. Can I beta test it aswell? I can’t seem to find the PM button on your profile lol


Can i be a beta tester


So here’s a question I’ve been meaning to ask for a while; is Grim going to be an RO? (not sure if someone else already asked)


I would like to test aswell but I don’t want spoil me
So I will just wait :smiley:


Oh, I want to help with the beta test!


You guys have to PM him…and he only needs 10 :slight_smile:


So… uh… I didn’t expect to have a lot of requests… you know… beta testers… anyway, I’m no longer accepting Beta testers…
@VioletHikari No, Grim isn’t an RO, yet





@Bathala So I decided to play the… bounty hunter route! (took me a minute to remember what it was called :sweat_smile:) Anyways, I decided to play the bounty hunter route, and I noticed that when the main character is watching the news with the nurse and their roommate, the main character automatically knew that the stolen sword was their sword. My question is how? The news person gave no info on the sword, other than that it was stolen from the museum. So how did the main character know that the stolen sword was theirs if they didn’t even know their sword was being kept in the museum…?


This is actually one of the holes, and one of the reason why I’m rewriting it


Hello, excuse me but how can I access your tumblr? I can’t seem to find it with your link provided in the description of the game and when I typed “demonrecollect” in tumblr search bar, I can’t find it D: . I’m sorry if this subject has been brought up before but I don’t know how to jump to the post that has my answer…


I fixed it, thanks for pointing that out.