Demon: Recollect (WIP) Sentinel path is done



love the 2nd chapter and i like the idea of the bouny hunter route but i like the anarch ros better so this is a welcomed change WHISPER WILL ALWAYS BE BEST RO


Is Selena a RO?


Yes, they are… or should I say “they could have been”. Hue hue hue :smiling_imp:


So I’m assuming you’re rewriting the whole thing, also will the old ros still be there or are they getting replaced?


The old ROs will still be there, I only took 2 ROs from each path.


I’d rather kill Selena…:smiling_imp:


Please tell me Kate is still an RO…


Yes, she is.


Dexter and Alexis definitely disappear as RO ?
Or will we meet them later ?

They were my favorites :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


MC will meet them later.


Are whisper and gale still in?


Yes and no. If I understand it right Whisper is still in it but has another name.


Can I still tease her?

I love her reactions


I started To read without much expectations but i gotta say, this is one of my favorites now. I didnt like the futuristic thing before read but now i Love it.


@Noah Yeah, she’s still an RO.
@Pedro_Ferreira I expected my WIP to be trash, it turned out to be a good trash


Yeap I know we wiil meet them later but I didn’t understanf if they were still RO in the game :sweat_smile:


I want a pet :no_mouth:


You already have one shes called whisper, You can pet her and everything.


I’m going to add a puppy? Okay then. I’ll add a puppy, you can tell it to fak off but it will still follow you.


Minor typo here.


her blond hair