Demon: Recollect (WIP) Sentinel path is done



What is the main objective beyond getting our sword


I’ll discuss it with some of you. As I’m still working out the features and ironing out the plot. Sober, this time


I was hoping bh path got the most votes but all paths are pretty great so i dont mind if its another path :slight_smile:


I’m already rewriting it. I’ll probably have Chapter 1 which is somewhere around 10k or 12k words, later.


That poll was fast, i replayed like 8h ago and then i came to this.

i was going to vote for the whi- Anarch path anyway.
Normally i would go for the third option, i mean why the f should i trust those strangers?
but whisper is to precious.
damn it all.

I do like all the paths though :eyes: … , so

ill wait patiently



It happened so fast that I was unable to vote in the poll.


Don’t worry… I’ll still include Whisper.

I just needed a general Idea of what the peeps want. I’ll have to throw the new Chapter 1 to the two beta testers I chose randomly. Before I upload it here.


the story itself or the ro scenes?

the parts about mc sisterare pretty cool, aswell as the ro scenes and dialogue. The way he is a vengeful psycho or just broken in the sis bits but he can be all jokes and nonchalance when talking to other to others. like that scene with whisper and glith in the car lmao the horse joke. Or the invite the dead guy back to your place in the bouty hunter path. etc etc

was going to write more butrun out of mana.



I couldnt vote on the poll but I love all the paths especially the Anarch path . anyway its a great story and I cant wait to see what you will have for us :slight_smile:


Is this gonna be updated?

Bathala’s words for wisdom...

I think you and I should talk about that game idea I had, you know, kinda sorta maybe about a guy who was created when the earth was created…


I could not vote on the pole but but only 21% for Bounty hubter :thinking:. I would have voted bounty hunter


Yes, but sometimes people want other things, I would want them all…


Which one will be the main? Anarchy and Sentinel path are tied


I’m going to make Anarch and Sent as a sub route to Bounty hunter, it would make sense not to trust to powerful people asking you to join their side.:sweat_smile:




oh okay so basically we’re gonna all start out as bounty hunters And then throughout the story we will meet people from both paths and get the chances to choose which path we want then?


Ehr… More or Less


:confused: hmm ig ill just wait for the rewrite.


I’ll probably upload it when Chapter 3 is done… since that will be the turning point…


So does this mean i cant met whisper early on? Aww man, thats too bad.